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SnHome Forums After plus 2 (+2) I want to know what do you think why people or student's keep TU and KU as prio?


  • Suju Bhattarai

    May 14, 2018 at 4:21 am

    Currently, eleven universities are running in Nepal out of which six universities are accredited. All of them have something to offer and are striving to make a strong presence in the market. However, among them, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University have managed to create a great impact on the mind of both students and parents. Most of them seem to give priority to the TU and KU.

    The reason behind the Nepalese student’s inclination towards the TU and KU can be the quality of education and exposure. TU is the first and oldest university in Nepal, thus it has already created a name for itself and has maintained a good position in the market. KU with its advanced programs and modern teaching techniques have proved itself as one of the best education providers in Nepal.

    Moreover, it may be because of the need of the students and parents. I am saying this because, if you see only education keeping every other factor aside, every university and college are offering same programs, the course of study and the level of education, even the same professors teach in the most of the colleges. So the only thing that left is teaching pedagogy, discipline and exposure and the opportunities provided by the university or college.

    For example, the first name that comes in student’s mind who is intending to pursue engineering is Pulchowk Engineering College. It’s because it is considered to be the best colleges in South Asia. Likewise, IOM is the first choice of students willing to pursue Medicine or MBBS program. This is because; these colleges have proved their worth and the students who graduate through these institutions are highly regarded which make them easy to find the job.

    Likewise, Each and every program offered at the Kathmandu University is created after deep analysis. The university has always garnered positive reviews from the day of establishment. It has adopted world-class teaching techniques and rules and regulations are followed strictly. Politics is strictly banned.

    Another main reason for these universities being everyone’s first choice is they held exams in time and students are encouraged to do the research on their own rather than limiting them to the classroom learning.

    Though these universities are number one choice of students, they too lack in lots of areas. In fact, all most all of the educational institutions lack in one thing or another. Some of the most common problems are protested, padlocking, overstaffing, resistance to change and resource crunch. However, the scenario is changing and hopefully, our educational institutions will be able to provide world class education without any problem in the coming days.