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SnHome Forums Information technology (IT) How studying BIT in aboard? Is it good to study BIT aboard?

  • Pawan Pandey

    November 4, 2016 at 5:11 am

    It is always good to study abroad if education and knowledge are your primary concerns except few courses. Higher Education in Nepal is still not so good in my opinion. This comes true for Information Technology as well (actually much more). Nepal is far backward in information and other technology as compared to European or other developed countries. The lack of advanced IT system has a direct impact on education as well. The IT degree from Nepal will not be taken seriously in Abroad if you plan to move abroad after completing the course. so, its better to move abroad now and get a degree from some prestigious university. You can apply for scholarship as well. Also, India is a great destination of IT course. You can try India as well if abroad is not for you now. India is many times ahead of us in the field of IT education.

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