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  • Basu Malla

    February 16, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Hello Bipin Saru,
    In Nepal, there are only three affiliations that offers B.Sc in agriculture program or course. Among these three affiliation I would prefer you AFU affiliation.
    AFU is a campus where every faculties are related with agriculture and aggro. Subjects like B.Sc in Agriculture, B.Sc in Vetnary, B.Sc in forestry etc. are teaches there. AFU is a fully Agriculture devoted college where the standard of study of agriculture is n different level. As AFU is a governmental affiliated college, there is a huge scope of getting jobs everywhere in Nepal as well as in abroad countries. Students who passed through AFU are doing best and enjoying there life.
    But in another side it is very difficult to get seats to study Agriculture in AFU. In Nepal, there is a high demand of AFU in the mind of students who wants to study Agriculture in Nepal. There is competition of students to get seat to study agriculture every year. AFU provides few seats to provide quality of education. If you are unable to grab seat in AFUY then you can try on TU affiliation and PU too, if you are egarly wanting to study and don’t want to lose the year. Ramapur college of agriculture and forestry is the college affiliated by AFU which is located at Chitwan, Ramapur.

  • shristi Adhikari

    March 17, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Hy Bipin,

    As I know, the affiliations that offer B.Sc. Agriculture in Nepal are Tribhuvan University (TU) affiliation, Pokhara University (PU) affiliation, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) affiliation, Purbanchal University (PU) affiliation. Among these affiliations, I have heard that AFU is good affiliation to study B.Sc. Agriculture in Nepal. TU affiliation is also good and it is an old affiliation that offers various study program in Nepal. As you know, every thing has a good point and bad point both. The good point about AFU is it the college that fully support agriculture and agriculture of Nepal and nowadays many students are willing to study B.Sc. Agriculture in AFU which has brought a huge competition among students. AFU offers limited seat for students and student should be able to grab the seat to study in AFU otherwise not only scholarship seat but seat to study by paying is also very much difficult and competitive in AFU. AFU is a government affiliation. Rampur University of Agriculture and Forestry is the second name of AFU because every decision and program implementations are made and implemented by the Rampur College. Students with B.Sc Agriculture degree are in high demand in governmental as well as private sectors. Purbanchal University offers B.Sc. agriculture but it is beneficial to the eastern side students of country. Purbanchal University affiliation is also good and effective but there are maybe not any college in Valley or outside valley in western side of country so it is difficult to move to eastern side for western students where to study B.Sc. Agriculture is not a big deal. You can go with Tribhuvan University affiliation also if you won’t get seat at AFU. Pokhara University is a private affiliation, as it offers B.Sc. Agriculture but Pokhara University affiliation (PU) is good for technical education and study program. To study B.Sc. agriculture you can go with AFU and if not possible you can join any college affiliated by Tribhuvan University.

    There are 8 subjects in B.Sc. Agriculture course along with practicals and theoretical classes. If you are really willing to study B.Sc. Agriculture then you must do a hard work (i.e. study) to grab the scholarship seat and if not possible in paying also it is a difficult task in AFU. Once you enter in AFU or TU affiliation you must study hard to be pass. The paying fee for B.Sc. Agriculture program is not so much expensive, a middle class student also can afford the paying seat. As I know the 4 year course fee of B.Sc. agriculture program is about minimum 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs in maximum and if you show your best in college then you can get partial scholarship and plus balance prize. It is fun to visit and do practical outdoors and in laboratory.
    Before you get admission in any college to study B.Sc. Agriculture with AFU or TU affiliation, just look first for the teaching team because a college with a good teaching team is a advantage to score high marks and extra knowledge about the course.

    Best of Luck Bipin.

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