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  • Suju Bhattarai

    May 14, 2018 at 7:15 am

    The sports industry is competitive yet thriving. So if you want a career in the sports industry be ready to face the challenges this industry present along with the possibilities of a prosperous career.

    A number of reputed educational intuitions offer bachelor’s degree in sports. These programs provide you with the insights of various aspects that surround sports both on the field and off the field. Most of the universities and colleges hire celebrated players & professional to teach you these courses. After completing the program you can take an internship to earn some real world experience.

    There are mainly 2 types of sport’s studies: Sports Management and Spots science. Here we will discuss the Bachelor’s in Sports Management and Bachelors in Sports Science.

    Bachelor’s in Sports Management: It is a multi-disciplinary program that equips students with knowledge and skills to make them a leading management professional. The course provides students with the tools to apply basic notions of finance, law, marketing and management to spots organizations.

    Some of the core courses include:

    Management of Organizations: The course gives you the basic concept of management theory and practice and shows the relation between leading, controlling, organizing and planning functions in the organizations.

    Public Relations Practice & Promotional Writing: It teaches you the public relations personnel’s duties. Students will learn to pen speeches, reports, brochures, memos, scripts etc.

    Sociology of Sport: Under this subject, students will learn about the different organizations and socio-cultural pattern and structures involved with sports.

    Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques: It covers the operation’s management nature and complexities along with multiple qualitative and quantitative techniques.

    Organization and Administration of Sports and Recreation Management: It introduces students to the principles of organizational behavior and structure in the sports industries.

    Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing and Management: Under this course, you will learn about the scope of sports organizations.

    Case Research in Sports & Recreation Management: The course incorporates the case studies, projects, and class discussions.

    Bachelor’s in Sports Science: Bachelor’s in Sports Science is generally a three years course. It is a well-rounded and multi-disciplinary program. Under this students learn about the human body functions and move along with the motivation techniques. The course of study includes Human Physiology, Biomechanics, Resistance Training, Human Growth and Lifespan Development, Research Methods for Exercise Professionals, Structural Kinesiology, Exercise and Sports Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Professional Ethics, Exercise Science Career Development, Motor Learning and Nutrition and Diet for Exercise and Physical Education.

    The Career Scope
    The sports industry is flourishing and is in constant search of educated and skilled professionals, so this field provides one with lots of opportunities. Graduate with this degree is hired by schools, local authorities, private health and fitness clubs, national sporting associations and professional sports clubs.

    The bachelor’s degree in sports provides you with an array of career options including sports therapist, sports development officer, sports coach, sports administrator, secondary school teacher, personal trainer, fitness center manager, exercise physiologist, sports dietician, agents, marketing specialties, facilities director and sports broadcaster.

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