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  • Megha Rana

    May 31, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Hi Shanti,
    It’s good to know you are planning for doing your masters level studies in the Developmental Studies.It is a good subject to be studied.

    For your concern Masters level studies in Nepal is provided at only Kathmandu University at Balkumari, Lalitpur. It is a two years master level program on the semester basis. It is a course on the grading system. There are limited seats of 20 students in each semester and the admission announcements are made every December usually. To get into this program one needs to have passed a minimum of 3 years Bachelor level studies or Masters level studies in general with an average of 50% from any institution recognized by th eKAthmandu university. For admission application into this program one needs to fill the form made available from the Kathmandu University and appear an entrance examnation and finally the students are selected from the merit list basis.The cost to study thi sprogram usually takes about NRs. 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

    This study program is an interdisciplinary study of different fields like the Sociology and Anthropology, Economics, Geography, migration studies, Cultural studies, Demography, Public Management, International relations, etc. Due to the interdisciplinary quality, there are specifications in this study program and the post graduates are specialized at any discipline and serve at the concerned sector in various departments of the governmental as well as non-governmental organizations.

    Some positions regarding the post-graduation opportunities include: Professors of the Developmental studies, Consultants at the National level and International level at various sectors, Advisors for different programmes, Officers in different developmental programmes organized by the different national as well as international agencies and organizations, as officers and workers in various aid related programs, as development associates, as economists, as analysers, as researchers, , as conflict management professionals and many more.

    Nepal has very good scopes in this field because and the impacts of the Developmental specialists are also positive in the various fields. Nepal is a developing country so development is the running process that is very much important and the work of the developmentalists is to monitor the Developmental activities related to it either in the concrete developmental works, environment management works, welfare projects, etc.

    And yes, Nepal does launch the projects and has the provisions for the developmentalists in its departments too. But there are many opportunities more than those provided by the Government of Nepal which are conducted by the various foreign NGOS and INGOs. They help to carry out the different aid programmes, welfare programmes, research programmes, conflict amnagement programmes, education programme, construction programmes, and many more that provide opportunities for the Developmental specilaists to work on frequent basis for those projects.

    Hope I could help some.

  • Prescilla Priyanka

    July 22, 2016 at 6:16 am

    The Development Studies major focuses on social transformation or change. The problems of social transformation are urgent, massive, complex, and often transcend the boundaries of conventional academic disciplines. If you are interested in these, then you can very well take up this course.

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