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SnHome Forums Management faculty Different career options for finance or management students in nepal Reply To: Different career options for finance or management students in nepal

  • Suju Bhattarai

    April 18, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    If you have majored in finance or have studied management you are equipped with the knowledge of finance, commerce industry, and accountancy practices, apart from this, you will have knowledge of business organizations, good communication skill, analytical skill and so on.
    Graduated with this degree can find job in both small and large, public or private sectors such as accountancy firms, public sector, management consultancies, insurance companies, investment banks, building societies where they can work as stockbrokers, forensic accountant, company secretary, chartered accountant, chartered certified accountant, chartered public finance accountant, chartered management accountant. In addition to this, there are other career options such as Tax advisor, purchasing manager, management consultant, economist, licensed conveyancer etc.
    However, just having degree might not be sufficient to find a job in high renowned organizations. It would be wise to work part-time in small firms in order to gain experience. Since you will be handling the huge budgets, an employer would like to be sure if you are skilled enough to work with them.