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SnHome Forums Management faculty BBA VS BBS which is better in Nepal? BBA students get jobs easily than BBS? Reply To: BBA VS BBS which is better in Nepal? BBA students get jobs easily than BBS?

  • Deependra Karki

    February 23, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    BBS is especially designed for Accountancy, Taxation and Finance whereas BBA is designed for administration and management. Both BBA and BBS are equally important in their field. Anyone can get admission in BBS without any entrance exam but students have to pass CMAT exam to study BBA. Students get higher marks in BBA because there is practical marks but in BBS, students have to give exam for full (100) marks. Most of the teachers in market teaching numerical subjects such as Cost Account, Financial Account, Taxation and Finance are from BBS. BBS helps to enhance accounting capabilities. And fee structure of BBS is lower than BBA, Im currently studying in Nepal Commerce Campus, Min Bhawan where annual total fee is around 8,000 but due to scholarship im able to study there by paying 2000 annually. This proves that it is very economical in the term of fee. And the master degree of business studies is also economical.
    Getting jobs depend upon the capabilities of students, if they are well known about the microsoft applications they are likely to be recruited quicker than normal students. Other factors such as English, marks and training also affect the chances of getting jobs.