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SnHome Forums Information technology (IT) What is the scope of IT in Nepal. What salary can I except after Bachelors in IT Reply To: What is the scope of IT in Nepal. What salary can I except after Bachelors in IT

  • prince KARKI

    October 22, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Scope of IT (Careers in Information Technology)
    It is real that, career in IT is one of the most highly paying jobs with full opportunities. There are highly paying job are easily available in domestic and international companies after graduation. Evaluating the talent of employee , his/her creativity , aspiring mind , the salary may varies. To get job in IT company you should have the skills. Skill is main thing. Your skill determine and control your income or earning. If you graduate but don’t have skill then no job will you find. If you have skill and knowledge then your starting salary will be minimum 40-60 thousand per month. If you are expert in any one of IT field then international IT company easily hire you. Scope of IT is mainly depends on the capacity and potential of the person.
    Nowadays number of enrolled students and graduate students form Information Technology ( computer engineering , software engineering, engineering in Information Technology,, bachelor’s in Information technology etc ) are much greater than other field of study. So it become competitive field to find jobs. IT colleges produced unskillful students , thus many graduate Students from IT filed become unemployed.
    But a skillful IT graduate may find the job in or may work in different types of companies and industry like software company, financial institutions or banks, medical and health organization, corporate organizations etc. So nowadays every field of business, medicine, organization, companies academic institutions there is vibrant scope of IT.

    what salari i can ascept for it is 30000 to 50000per month