Food Technology in Nepal

All About Food Technology in Nepal

The process of picking up the foods to the market or to the consumers is concerned with Food Technology. Food Technologist are the persons who works to choose healthy and best quality food for consumers.

Food Technology in NepalFood Technology includes every aspects of food science, involving production, processing and distribution.  Professional Technologist work for maintaining food quality, improvement in manufacturing methods of food through storing, preserving and developing new products. Professionals work with food scientist to upgrade the value of nutrients of food. Food science, Packaging science and Food technology are available by degree programs. To work as food technologist the Bachelor’s Degree is sufficient but to work as Food Scientist the candidate should have Master’s Degree or Doctoral degree and it is needed.

The Food Technology program specially aims to:

• Provide knowledge in food science and the principles underlying food processing.
• Give wider knowledge to students in advanced food engineering.
• Acquaint students with industrial management practices.
• Train the student in product specific specialization areas.

Food Tech in Nepal

Food Technology means a lot in Nepal. After plus 2 pass out the students can study Food tech in Nepal because in Nepal there are not more colleges that offers the diploma course in Food Technology. There is a demand of Food Technologist in Nepal. As  many industries are growing day by day, every food-producing industry needs a food technologist to enhance the quality of food before sending products to the market. Nepal is an agricultural based country and Nepal has a huge source of materials to produce food products. Professionals work to maintain the quality of food materials properly. There is very good scope of Food Tech in Nepal.

B.Tech. Food Technology (TU) was introduced for the first time in the Kathmandu Valley at Lalitpur Valley College in 2005. It is a four-year degree course (total of 2000 marks). This course is a combination of food science that is coherent and systematic body of knowledge and understanding of the nature and composition of food materials, and their behavior under the various conditions to which they may be subjected; and its application to the practical treatment of food materials so as to convert them into food products of the kind, quality and stability, and its packaging and distribution, so as to meet the needs of consumers for safe, wholesome, nutritious and attractive foods.

Future Prospect of Food Technicians in Nepal

Food Technology is related with food science, maintaining quality food and quantity of the food. Everywhere in world, there is needed a food technologist to maintain the nutrients value and quality of food. In Nepal also there is a nice career for future and along with attractive earning and respective jobs. Food Technologist in Nepal can work in various department of food technologist in industries, in standard hotels, in governmental administrations etc. However the future is bright graduating in Food Technology. In abroad as well there is a great career to enhance the life.

Food Technology Colleges In Nepal

There are not so much Food Tech Colleges in Nepal. Some individual colleges are there that offers food Courses and those universities or colleges are fully devoted in the field of food science.

In valley, there are some colleges like Padmashree International College and Technology (NCFST), College of applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT), Golden Gate International College etc which are well renowned colleges inside valley for Food Tech course specially.

In out valley also there are some colleges that provide Food Tech courses such as central campus of Technology which is located at Dharan, Sunsari Technical College etc and every colleges are TU affiliated.

Scholarship Status for food Technology Course in Nepal

There are many scholarship seats for students who are not able to fulfill the requirements to study Food Tech by any reason.

Scholarships are mainly based on:

  • Entrance Examination
  • Handicap
  • Students from rural areas.
  • Female Quota

Academic Sessions

The session starts from Mangsir/Poush of each year.

It is a 4 year (8 Semesters)

Eligibility for Bachelors in Food Technology (B.Sc Food Tech.)

The students must have score 45% in I.Sc (10+2 Science/Diploma in food/ Dairy or Equivalent).

Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Bachelor’s in Food Technology in Nepal varies in every college.

Scope of Food Technology in Abroad

Food Technology is related to the quality of food and nutrients value of food. In abroad countries food technologists are highly demanding as the foreign countries are strict on maintaining the quality of food products, there is a high demand and very good scope of Food Tech.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

According to Nepal’s Industrial groups, Food technologists, Food Scientists are in demand of about 2% as the industries are increasing there will be high demand of Food Tech pass out employees in coming days.

The salary is about NRS.20,000 to NRs.35,000 in starting in Nepal. The senior Technologists earns more.

In abroad the salary structure is about $59000 to $60000.

The working lifespan is the age when the technologists themselves stops to do work means there is respect and demand of experienced technologist and scientists.

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