How to Find Right Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

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Have you ever thought about being a volunteer abroad? All you need is a readiness to help others and dedication to work. A good set of skills, such as language, teaching, knowledge of culture and history can also help you find the right volunteer opportunities abroad. Moreover, while volunteering you can establish and expand your connections for your future life, which can be very valuable and important for your future job.

This article will present you with new and exciting opportunities to become a volunteer abroad.

Go Abroad

Go Abroad is an excellent site offering hundreds of volunteer programs in countries across the world.
Extensive volunteer options let you choose between various locations and causes, according to your skills and interests.

New volunteer programs are available almost every day. The best thing about Go Abroad is that can search for programs which best suit your interests. You can choose a country, cause and the duration of your volunteering mission and the site will generate you dozens of different volunteer opportunities.

International Volunteer HQ

With over 30 international destinations, projects such as childcare, teaching, medical, health and wildlife and animal care, IVHG is one of the leading volunteer abroad organizations.

The organization focuses on affordable volunteer travel experiences, but is also highly focused on developing global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.
Volunteers have a unique chance to develop their skills, make an impact in communities and return home with new knowledge about new cultures.

Volunteer Forever

The site lets you find hundreds of different program providers. Its unique feature is that you create your profile, then start your own fundraising campaign, collect funds and then you use the funds you have collected to start your volunteer adventure.

The site lets you share your experiences which can help future volunteers.

Working Abroad

Working Abroad has one of the largest and most comprehensive volunteer database on the web. Search option enables you to choose categories for your volunteer project. Most prominent programs are in the wildlife conservation, healthcare and teaching.

Projects Abroad

One of the largest volunteer abroad organizations, Projects Abroad offers volunteer and internship opportunities, especially for high school and university students. After such a program or an internship, you will definitely polish your skills in any subject and sphere, so e.g. it will be not a big problem for you to write a history research paper.
At any time, there are professional volunteer advisers who will answer your questions and address your concerns.
You will need to write a strong application when presenting yourself to volunteer organizations.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteer, intern and travel are in the main focus of the organization. You will have great deal of freedom at choosing your volunteer opportunity.
Volunteer locations on four continents and more than twenty different project will offer you a great variety of options for your volunteer project.

Go Eco

Top volunteer organization of 2015, Go Eco offers volunteers many opportunities and the chance to make a difference and contribute to environment, get rich experience in indigenous wildlife and immerse in local cultures.

Volunteer projects are available in almost all continents and regions across the planet.


With a variety of different organizations available, you can now make a difference and sign up as a volunteer abroad.