Essential Tips to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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It is essential to nurture the self-esteem of your child in order for him to develop the essential skills that are required to grow and achieve success. There are a number of things parents need to keep in mind when it comes to helping their children develop their self-esteem. While parents try different techniques to boost the self-esteem in their kids, here are a few tips that are sure to develop your child’s self-esteem and help them grow in the right way.

800px-Malaysia_Primary_School_GirlsProvide Unconditional Love

Nothing feels better than hearing the words ‘I love you, no matter what’. Children love to be themselves rather than trying to be molded into someone else. They benefit the most when you accept them for who they are irrespective of their temperament, strengths, abilities or difficulties. Shower your child with love and always remind them of how much you love them. Even when correcting a child, correct the behavior and not the personality.

Always Pay Attention

Make time from your busy schedule to give personal attention to your toddler. It will make the child feel valuable and loved. It doesn’t mean spending the day talking with your child. It could also mean ten minutes of undivided attention keeping your laptop and cell phone away. Always try to make eye contact and pay attention to every word your child says. If you are short on time, let your child know how much time you need and make time accordingly.

Encourage Healthy Risks

Always encourage the child to explore something new – a new friend, a new hobby or trying different foods. While this involves a risk of failure, there is the opportunity for success as well. Always allow your child to experiment successfully and avoid jumping in to rescue them. This can increase dependence and decrease confidence.

Teach Limits

One of the most essential lessons you need to teach your child is the importance of limits. Start small with lessons on how to limit your child from eating snacks every now and then. Limit them to a certain amount on a daily basis and ensure they do not ask for more snacks during the day. Also, teach them the importance of money and how to control their spending their money. Give them small rewards when the save money. This is an essential lesson that you need to teach your child from a young age. There’s no need to be harsh on your child which is why the sooner you start the better it is. This is because the younger your child is, the faster they pick up and the easier it is for them to form habits, both good and back.

Let Mistakes Happen

When you allow your child to choose certain things, they are bound to make mistakes and this is fine. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, this is how your kid will learn how to improve on their choices and slowly learn to determine the right from wrong. When kids make mistakes, they slowly learn to avoid those choices and this helps them to improve on their choice and make wiser decisions at a young age.


Always acknowledge all the positivity in your child’s life. Encourage them and make sure they hear these words of praise often. Let your child bask in this praise and will encourage him to do even better and push harder next time. Always make sure that there is enough encouragement to keep the child motivated. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment and increase their self-worth.

Never Compare

Always avoid comparisons with other children. This not only dents their confidence, it also takes away their individuality. If you want your child to value themselves, appreciate them for the individuals that they are.

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