Educational Technologies: Future is Already Here

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Day by day human population is trying to improve the surrounding and simplify the living. Almost every sphere of living undergoes huge changes on its way to perfection.

Education area is not an exceptional case, as it occupies a huge professional niche and is vital for everyone, willing to grow and develop. Education shapes up the future of every single learner, providing the person with advanced professional skills and deep knowledge considering each particular subject.

Educational Technologies for Teachers and Students

Learners, at universities and schools, already got addicted to modern educative tools, and the majority of them can’t imagine getting back to the heavy books and paper assignments are written by hand.

Time-saving, process simplifying, teacher-and-student-friendly technologies help educators to create a better place for nurturing young, talented minds. Dozens of online tools and apps are already available on the Web, they can be used by teachers and users alike.

Educational technologies may be divided into separate groups: a complex technology, such as LMS or eLearning, and tools or Web apps, such as time-trackers, surveys and quizz makers, plagiarism checkers, etc.

Similarity scanner:  Among various tools for educators is a plagiarism checker Google Docs Add-on, such as Unicheck, it plays the most important role in maintaining academic integrity. The aim of the checker is searching for similarities in assignments in order to avoid and prevent plagiarism.

Unicheck is packed with features, it includes generating a report with similarity scores, highlighting citations and references, providing with a list of sources related to the text and direct links to them. This helps teachers quickly find matched parts in the paper and track where they were copied from.

When checker is used by multiple teachers, there is an option of sharing a report, as well as commenting mode, available when the Unicheck is integrated into LMS.

Unicheck similarity scanner may be integrated inside of almost any LMS, providing learners with an ability to submit their papers without switching to standalone account. For the teacher, it means saving time during assignments management and extended functionality, like commenting and leaving the feedbacks, in Google Classroom Unicheck works automatically.

Learning management system:  LMS is the most compound system for task management, it is created to organize the complicated educational process. Usually, this type of educational technology features various useful functions and opportunities for group studying.

LMS account administrators can create multiple courses, add teachers and share access among them.

The role of the instructor is also switchable and can be passed from person to person. Teachers can add students to a particular course, share access to learning platform and allow pre-checks so that learners could submit papers by themselves.

LMS allows a teacher to browse, grade and comment the assignments. The option of setting reminders is also available for educators, so they won’t miss any of papers submitted.

Online certification: Online studying and certification has already captured world’s attention by providing learners with stunning abilities. On such learning platforms as Udacity or Coursera you can get all essential knowledge online, without leaving the home.

Attending class is, for sure, a great way to gain knowledge through communication with teachers and other students. Nowadays, however, technologies allow learners to study and collaborate without leaving a household.

The main advantage of online learning is a possibility of time management and organizing the courses according to learner’s workload. Personalized learning allows different types of students to choose the most appropriate level and pace of studying for optimal material absorption.

Online certification established the power and underlined the significance of independent self-education. Online certificates are finally accepted by universities and colleges worldwide.

Even though online certificate is not a guarantee of employment for the job seeker, it is still a good instrument that pushes you towards learning and self-improvement in your professional area.

To Sum Up

Modern environment makes humankind look for the new opportunities, thus, we need new abilities to help us aim for the new targets, whether it is gaining a high-quality education or getting a well-paid and interesting job.

Online education accompanied with new intuitive tools makes teacher’s work easier and more productive, along with this, the learning process becomes engaging and interesting. Now educators may easily track students’ success, correct and guide and support the students in studying.