How To Clear Togaf Certification

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IT professionals with an added expertise or a certification in architecture can benefit big time in the industry and of course secure high profile jobs than without additional skills. A lot of software developers and engineers have lightened up to the idea of taking a more architectural role in their career with a reputed IT firm by taking up the TOGAF certification.  TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a certification provided by the Open group to enable individuals to implement the essential skill sets of enterprise architecture for their respected employer companies based on open group methodologies and principles The Open Group Methodologies and Architectural Framework are one of the most popular methodologies employed by the world’s most leading organisations for their enterprise architecture.

The standards set by the TOGAF enterprise architecture practices are followed closely by world’s leading IT firms for developing the best architectural enterprise for their organisation.Although there are lots of vendor-specific frameworks that are used in the industry of enterprise architecture, TOGAF is used most widely in the industry and a lot of top-notch recruiters list the certification as the prerequisite to get acknowledged in the department of architecture enterprise development at the highest level.

The TOGAF certification tests your abilities to implement the TOGAF enterprise architecture practices at the highest level and it imparts you enough skill sets to plan, design, implement, and manage enterprise architecture for an organisation at the highest level of expertise. In order to achieve the certification; one needs to clear two levels of examination. You can decide whether to take both the exams one by one and in a single go or you can even plan to give the 2nd one after some more preparation.  1. Foundation level examinationThe exam tests you on the knowledge of the basic concepts of TOGAF and you have to get atleast 22 right out of 40 multiple choices questions in 60 minutes to qualify for the next level.

2. Certified level examinationThe exam tests your advanced level skills of TOGAF enterprise architecture and its successful implementation to meet the requirements of an organisation at the highest level. The exam is based on open book environment and requires you to answer just 8 scenario questions in 90 minutes and out of which you get 5 points for every correct answer, 3 for the next best answer, 1 for the 3rd best answer and 0 for the least correct answer. You need to score at least 60 percent to pass the examination

Tips for clearing foundation examination
● The official study guides provided by TOGAF is your best bet to learn the core basics of TOGAF enterprise architecture practices comprehensively and a thorough understanding of the concepts listed in the guide can give you enough chances to pass the foundation level examination. There are also sample tests in the guide to test your knowledge and skills in a competitive manner.
● Eliminate the least correct looking answer to avoid any sort of confusion.
● Practice your time management skills and practice more.
● There are a lot of similar terminologies and words for you to get confused. Learn the similar looking words and terms well to avoid confusion in the examination.

Tips for clearing the certified examination
● Study the official certified examination guide to develop a deep understanding of the TOGAF concepts and its methodologies. The manual provides you enough insights on the advanced skills of TOGAF and this gives you the much needed head start in the examination.
● Use your time well. As the exam contains long questions and giving an equal amount of time to each and every question is very important.
● Eliminate the least correct option to provide more clarity and avoid confusion.
● The open book format provides you with a PDF guide to refer to and that is not going to be easy. This guide may or may not always work to your advantage because of the time consuming prospects. Although, using this guide in the best possible way can determine your chances in the examination.

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