Changes in Education System in Past, Present and Future

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Past Education System

Education was strong in ancient days also. In ancient days, the education system has changed based on periods such as Vedic, Brahmanical, Muslim, British periods. In Vedic periods schools were becoming boarding and students were handed over to the teacher. Physical education was compulsory at that period. The training was given in about war and protection. Apart from that training given for arts and craftworks.

In Brahmanical periods. Students were to study Vedic literature. The main aim of it is to learn Vedas but it was restricted to low-class peoples. The objectives of education totally changed during the Muslim period. Vocational education emerged at that period and it taught some craft for students. The invasion of the British makes some advantages in the education field and contributed to developing the education system. British education gave more importance to school on going. The British established several schools and provided several facilities in the education system. They made some significant changes in the syllabus, methods of teaching and the education system as a whole.

Present Education System

Present education has a great difference from the past. However, it is still not playing a significant role to develop the future of the youth. The main aim of modern education is to develop skills and knowledge to make money. Education institution owners mostly using education as a business for their financial growth so much focus is on profits rather than value for students. In most of the cases, especially in underdeveloped countries, This education system is giving students degrees and diplomas without any knowledge that is actually needed to make them a better person or improve their lifestyle. Because of this business-minded education students are not qualified for the proper job.

Schools and colleges are not only for getting degrees but also to study some moral things in life. New generation students have no idea about the cultural values and the importance of society. Because in this present education system teachers are not ready to teach it and train students that what they want in their practical life. That is why today most of them are disqualified during the interview process because the education system fails to teach the very basic things that are actually required in real life. Nowadays education gives more importance to technology. Online education technology has both advantages and disadvantages.

Future Education System

Within these nearby days, a rapid change is occurring in the education system. The future of the education system is uncertain still one can predict how it will be shaped. New changes are still taken in the education field to make some changes. Government authorities are also responsible for it and they ready to take proper action to make some useful changes in the education system. The future system of education will give more importance to technical and professional education and skills development than moral education. It will give more importance to countries development, give more importance to training for students, help students build up professional qualities. Educated people are the main asset of a nation. For the development of personal and social life, education plays a great role. It plays a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders. Education is the root a person and it can make every impossible thing possible in life.

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