Change in Exam Conduct ; Then and Now

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“Change is a rule of nature”, and the saying goes perfectly fine with every aspect of life.

We have evolved to a human being, in the same way, everything in the environment keeps on changing rather keeps on evolving. This saying goes true with the Education as well. Our education system has grown a lot in few previous years. We have grown a lot with our Changing education system. If we talk about a decade back, We used to have four board exam in our school. That is for grade 5, 8, 10, 12. Later on CBSE came up with eliminating the 5th and 8th as board exams. They made 10th board also an optional one since 2011 batch. So, the students who had appeared in 2011 for 10th exams, they had a choice to choose board exams, or either school conducted ones. So now we are convinced that with the education system our examination pattern has also started evolution a long ago.

From boards to local, our examination and pattern have changed a lot, while keeping the same efficiency and quality. Now the time has changed more, earlier we used to give the exams with a traditional pattern. That is pen and paper method, where we used to visit the venue of the exam on time, no delays were excused, but now things are different.

Evolution from traditional approach to digital one

As we know, that digitization has taken a toll on everything, then how exams would have been left by digitization. Yes, you read it right. Exams are also being digitized these days. You must be thinking that how it could be digitized? Your question can be easily answered. Exams are being conducted online, that means you can easily give your exam at any time from anywhere. Now that we know how exams have been digitalized, let’s check why they have been digitized, there must be some need felt of it.

Why Evolution of exam pattern.

As far as Evolution of exam pattern is concerned, we can say that there are many reasons for that. The first and the foremost reason is to save every time cost of exams, then reducing the use of paper in respect to save the nature. Moreover, it also reduces the manual intervene as compared to the traditional pattern, where an invigilator was needed, no need of arranging a venue and investing so much of time in those batched exams.
This is how the evolution has been taken place and still we are counting on it. No doubt online exams are the very efficient way of taking and giving hassle-free exams.

How this change is getting success?

The main concern is how these exams are conducted online. If we check the trend, most of the competitive exams are conducted online lately. So, to make exams go online, the technology plays its part. There are many tools available in the market that enables conducting exam online. These tools let you conduct exams, track students consistency, analytical reports are created by tool for student’s performance, evaluation becomes so easy. With the use of such tools, Institutions and students both are enjoying the maximum benefits. Exam application is one of the tools I came across, that helps in conducting online exams, keeping the track of student’s performance in various subjects and test.

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