Bachelors in Information Technology; BIT in Nepal

BIT in Nepal

The changing technology is influencing every aspect of life in every country. This is the 22nd century where one can’t imagine his life without the use of information technology. Even if one accepts his lifestyle without using technology then for sure his life is going to be the hardest life. Since Nepal is a developing country with lots of opportunities on many filed, it is seen that information technology can play a vital role in development. The need for IT industry and IT professionals is felt some years ago. And to fulfil this need, many universities have shown their interest in the IT field. Among them, Purbanchal University has introduced a course related to IT filed named as Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT).

BIT in Nepal is one of the best course in Nepal which directly deals with changing information technology. Over the years, it has been seen that BIT has been supplying the current need of IT industries. The bachelor in Information technology is an academic program comprising of core and advance IT unit. The core unit provides fundamentals of information technology that provides the student with the knowledge and skills in programming, system design, computer networks and communication. The advanced unit enables the students to exercise, develop and apply their knowledge and skills in many areas like multimedia, Artificial intelligence, mobile communication internet etc.

BIT in Nepal has ability to change the current structure of information technology in Nepal. On the completion of this course one can face the problems of development and growth of information technology. The description of BIT in Nepal is given below:

Course Name: Bachelor in Information technology (BIT)

  • University: Purbanchal University
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Academic Year: Semester
  • Faculty: IT, computing studies and technology

Eligibility to Study BIT in Nepal:

The candidate applying for this course should have successfully passed +2 in Science / Management / Humanities or equivalent degree with at least 45% in aggregate and 100 marks Mathematics paper.


BIT is introduced in Nepal to accept the globally changing information technology and to produce the IT professionals. The main objectives of BIT in Nepal are:

  1. To give knowledge and skills of changing information technology.
  2. Give the knowledge to analyze, develop, design and implement computer-based systems.
  3. To develop skills in a student to accept the rapidly changing information technology.
  4. Provides knowledge and skills in software development, web designing and development, database and many more fields related to IT.
  5. Provides a foundation for further studies leading to MIT, MCA, MS computer science and MBA.

Evaluation Method: GPA

The grading system shall be as follows:

   Letter grade     CGPA  Division
       A      4.000First Division with Distinction
       B+  3.333 to < 4.000First Division
       B  3.000 to < 3.333Second Division
       B-  2.667 to < 3.000Pass in Individual Paper
       F     < 2.667Fail
Curriculum Structure:

The syllabus of BIT in Nepal is as follows:

BIT I Semester
2Fundamentals of Info. System
3Technical Communication
4Basic Electrical System & Circuit
5Principle of Management
6Computer Programming
7Project – I
BIT II Semester
1Math II
2Electronic Devices & Circuit
3Digital Logic
4OOP C++
5Project II
6Financial Mgmt. Accounting
BIT III Semester
1System Analysis and Design
2User Interface  Design
3Data Structure and Algorithm
4Microprocessor and Assembly Language
5Numerical Methods
BIT IV Semester
1Communication System
2Computer Organization
3Web Technology-I
4Database Management System
5Discrete Mathematics
6Marketing Management

Note: V, VI, VII & VIII Semesters syllabus are under revision.

BIT colleges in Nepal:

Some of the BIT colleges are:

  1. College of Information technology and engineering, Kathmandu
  2. Kantipur City College, Kathmandu
  3. White House Institute of Science and Technology
  4. KIST college
  5. Aryan School of Engineering
  6. Asian Institute of Technology and Management.
Career Opportunities for BIT graduates in Nepal:

After the completion of BIT in Nepal, doors of many fields are opened for you. You can either work on private/ public institutions or you can open your own private IT Company. Some of the jobs titles you can get after this course are:

  1. Analyst/Programmer
  2. IT Manager
  3. System Programmer
  4. System Analyst/ Designer
  5. Interactive Digital Media Specialist
  6. Web Administrator/ Developer
  7. Software Engineering
  8. Data Communication Engineering
  9. Database Administrator
  10. Network Administrator
  11. System Manager
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