Best Ways to Become a Better Version of Yourself

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“Doing things for others shouldn’t happen once or twice a year during the holidays. Instead, it should be a habit. It should be a regular part of your schedule”

Successful people take many paths to get to where they are. However, they do have one thing in common. People, who are successful, recognize the importance of constant self-improvement. This means they continually take meaningful action to better them.

If you want to do great things, you might consider taking a page out of that playbook and find ways to become a better version of yourself. Check out the following tips to improve yourself academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You can start right now, in college.

Set a Reading Goal

If you aren’t a reader, now is a great time to start. If you already read, set a goal to read more. Remember that professional writers are voracious readers. If that is something that appeals to you, hit the library and start checking out books. You’ll find all kinds of interesting topics to study.

Do Yoga

There really isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Yoga. There are divided schools of thought on the spiritual side of yoga. However, there is no doubt that there are physical benefits of doing yoga. Give it a try! You will be in better shape for it, and you may feel more centred and relaxed.

Learn a Practical New Skill Each Month

Can you fix a ripped pair of pants or sew on a button? Do you know how to change a tire? What about checking the fluid levels in your car? Can you do any of the following?

  • Change Your Furnace Filter
  • Iron a Shirt
  • Find Your Way From One Place to The Next Without GPS
  • Balance a Checkbook
  • Assemble a Piece of Furniture

The list is endless. Remember that the more you know how to do, the less you have to rely on others. That sense of independence isn’t just satisfying; you might just save a bit of money. If you can do it yourself, you won’t have to pay someone else.

Take a Class for No Other Purpose than Enrichment

You may think that you spend enough time in class working on your latest research paper or thesis writing, but education for enrichment is important as well. Successful people are relentlessly curious.

Don’t worry if the idea of sitting through another lecture sounds like a nightmare. Check out your local arts center, they may offer classes on ceramics, painting, and crafting. If there is a local history museum, they might have an interesting lecture series. Even your local parks may have classes on identifying wildlife or scavenging for edible plants. The opportunities are endless! Get out there and learn something new.

Volunteer For a Charity That Matters to You

Doing things for others shouldn’t happen once or twice a year during the holidays. Instead, it should be a habit. It should be a regular part of your schedule. Identify a cause that is important to you. Then, start researching. Learn as much as you can so that you can identify how you can help the most.

Identify and Fix Your Academic Weaknesses

Do you need essay paper help, or math tutoring? Prepare for success in the next school term by identifying your academic shortcomings and getting the help you need to be successful. If you must, study more. If you need to buy a dissertation in order to focus on other areas, do that as well.

Get Your Budget in Order

This is important! If you have debt, get it under control. If you have poor spending habits, get a budgeting app, and gain some financial discipline. You won’t get far in achieving your goals if you are constantly in the red, or have bill collectors calling your phone. You will be glad you took steps in college to get on the right track. Here are some money management tips for students.

Make a Dedicated Effort to Spend Time with Loved Ones

When super successful people have time to spare, they make every effort to reconnect with friends and family members. In many cases, this means disconnecting from screens and making a meaningful effort to truly engage with the people they are at any moment.

Get Active in Your Down Time

How many weekends and days off go by without you doing anything memorable? That’s no way to enjoy your downtime. Sure, it’s okay to enjoy the occasional Netflix binge, but it’s more important to get out there and enjoy experiences. Remember that your downtime should be as purpose driven as your time at school or work. Make plans. Tour a museum! Go on a road trip. Take a friend to a new restaurant. Go for a bike ride.


There may be no better chance to put yourself on the road to continued self-improvement than while you are pursuing your education. Whether you are doing, you will find plenty of opportunities to become a better version of yourself.

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