Best Companies for Students to Launch their Careers

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So you are looking for a company where you can start your career, a successful one, of course. And if you see yourself as a rising talent, you do have to make sure that you add only great names to your resume from the start.

But how to identify the best companies to launch a career?
Well, your favourites should be among those that offer all, or at least, some of the following benefits and characteristics:
• A challenging environment where achieving goals is truly recognized and appreciated
• Incentive to a constant learning process
• Seasoned and reputable professionals that can act as mentors
• A high-standard public image
• A well-established and regular feedback procedure
• An exciting career progression program
Having said that, here is a selection of top companies reviews that are known for offering the topics above to their new employees, so you can should your favourites and start preparing yourself to knock at their doors.

# 1 – Facebook
The biggest social media network in the world is one of the favourites of those looking to start a career. It is famous for letting employees free to try and test new ideas without having to go through approval, which gives them a great self-improvement opportunity. On the other hand, be prepared to work long hours. In any case, have a look at their careers’ website, where you will find videos from people who already work there.

# 2 – Google
Yes, many students from different areas dream about working for Google. They are a synonym of innovation and are known for offering a high standard and flexible working environment that makes almost everybody jealous. And there are so many companies nowadays under the parent conglomerate Alphabet that you can virtually learn anything if you manage to make your way around the holding.

# 3 – Bain & Company
One of the Big Tree management consulting firms is a perfect choice for students of business administration, marketing, IT, law, and more. While setting the expected performance high up, they offer a flexible and enjoyable work environment and several learning opportunities. On their careers website, you will find lots of valuable information regarding how to apply and what is expected from you during an interview. They also actively search for talents on universities campus, so be ready just in case they call your name.

# 4 – Boeing
Those with a passion for airlines will fall for Boeing as soon as they start reading their profile. The company look for new talents with high ethical standards and provide learning and career progression opportunities. They like people able to think and work independently, so make sure that you prove that you can do it in your cover letter. On Boeing will be working alongside with experts in their field, from designers to builders – they offer internships in Engineering, Business, and IT, plus an exciting rotational program in Business, Engineering, Human Resources, and IT.

# 5 – Nestlé Purina PetCare
The subsidiary of Nestlé for pet food treats and litters are known by their relaxed environment and for empowering their employees. There, you will enjoy plenty of autonomy, plus some great discounts – an extra treat for pet owners. And they offer opportunities not only for entry-level but also internships and hourly jobs. You can see how keen they are on contracting new talents just by looking at their online career centre – a website entirely dedicated to recruitment.

# 6 – NASA
The dream of most engineering students continues to be contracted by NASA. They are still considering as the place to find the best talents in the area, along with a reputation for prestige and innovation. Some have said that, in NASA, you will be spending your day with the best minds of the world discussing the most important challenges in the universe. Nothing after that needs to be said, possibly.

# 7 – HBO
If you are looking for a career in the media industry, then you should have a look at job opportunities with HBO. This company can make a difference in your CV not only because of its reputation for presenting some of the most successful and innovative TV shows currently on the air. They also invest a significant part of their budget in improving the skills of their staff through the Learn@HBO program, which can also include partial tuition coverage for full-time employees.

# 8 – Susquehanna International Group
A reputable investment, trading and technology firm is what defines the Susquehanna International Group. By joining them, you will be dealing with a remarkable base of clients, such as Google, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, GE, PepsiCo, and Microsoft, so you get all these brands on your resume in one go. Plus, they offer a fun and relaxed environment, very different from their competitors.

# 9 – Deloitte
With a rich package of benefits and an impressive entry-level salary, Deloitte is the dream of many students. They offer great learning opportunities and are happy to mentor any rising talent they can get to join their staff. And as they provide multidisciplinary professional services, there are several opportunities for students from different areas of expertise.

# 10 – Colgate-Palmolive
But if you are looking for a more conservative environment, then you should consider Colgate-Palmolive. They offer several learning opportunities, and their senior staff is ready and prepared to mentor you from the very beginning. It is also a solid company worldwide, so you can consider it as a valid opportunity to move abroad eventually.

Wrapping it up
So there you have ten companies that might be the best entrance door for students looking for launching a career. They are eager to find new talents so don’t be shy: show off your qualities, grades, and soft skills, and let them teach you the rest. Just make sure that you choose a place where you will feel comfortable to ask questions and present our ideas and projects. Beside it, all that you need is to take the opportunity seriously and build a CV that will assure you a stable and fulfilling professional life from the very beginning.