BBA in Nepal (Bachelors in Business Administration)

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Bachelors in Business administration commonly known as BBA in Nepal, is an undergraduate programme. BBA is most suitable for the students willing to pursue their career in the field of business and management.

BBA in Nepal

BBA is a course designed for students with management background or without the management background.This course can be done by the students with science or management students of high school commonly referred to +2, in Nepal. This course in the beginning years focuses on basic concept of business, management and commerce studies. And towards the end of 4 years it gives in-depth knowledge on the same for further specific concentration.

What subjects does BBA consist of? Syllabus of BBA

BBA is a major that was initiated by consisting of both theoretical and practical studies, to have an edge over other course of study in business and management faculty. When it comes to studying BBA in Nepal the colleges are bound to practice international standards and imply both the practical and theoretical approaches.

The core subject in BBA comprises of

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Business law and ethics
  • Human resource management
  • Operation Management
  • Strategic management
  • Economics
  • Management information systems
  • Organizational behavior

Why is BBA in Nepal different from other management studies? What are the main differences between BBA and BBS? Is BBA only suitable for those who want to work in banks or other financial institutions?

BBA is a significant degree in Nepal. This is not only for the reason that it is already one of the most competitive subjects in the whole world but because how beautifully Nepalese institutions have integrated the practical approach to it. BBA has over the years, successfully improved its benchmark by improvising practical managerial skills, communication skills, decision-making skills, training, practical experience, case studies, internship, industrial visit and expert visits, which has now become a trademark and making BBA  significant course from the others, ever.

What can I do with a BBA? What are the chances of getting job after completing BBA in Nepal? How much do BBA graduates earn in average in Nepal?

There are many possibilities with a degree of BBA in Nepal and abroad. The question is, are you interested in business management studies? If yes, there are corridors of opportunity open for you after completion of a BBA degree. The first possible attraction is the possibility of ending in the world of banking and corporate. According to a research almost 30% of BBA graduates find a job in 20 A class banks, throughout the country and around 40% percentage manage to get jobs in one of the 80 development banks and rest in big corporate houses, national projects and international project. The jobs in Nepal, after graduation in this course have a very wide range and amongst many some are junior assistant in banks, secretary, hospitality managers, marketing, accounts, finance, project managers, human resource and many others.

Where can I study BBA in Nepal? What are the colleges that conduct BBA course in Nepal?

There are plenty of colleges offering and claiming to offer a quality and competitive BBA programme, in Nepal. No matter which colleges you choose, the affiliation comes from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University. There is no question about which University affiliate is the best and which is not but when it comes to choosing the college, make sure the facility is big enough to inculcate practical classes, more over look at the history of field visits, visiting professors and job placements.

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    • 3-4 lakhs in PU affiliated colleges as they are cheap compared to TU affiliated colleges.Nobel college at new baneshwor has 3 lakhs total cost for BBA course and it is PU affiliated too. thanks

  • Dear
    I want to study BBA at Tribhuvan university.
    Could you please tell me the cost of BBA course.I also wanted to know that which college is best for TU.

  • I have completed A levels but only with four subjects. So, is it compulsory to give exam of english and get passed before getting admission to BBA colleges.

  • I am a student waiting for my +2 result. I want to study BBA in one of the TU affiliated colleges in Lalitpur. Can you suggest me some good and reputed colleges in Lalitpur area along with the fee structure? It will be very helpful.

  • Dear sir/madam
    I want to know the cost of BBA and also which university and colleges are best for the study of BBA in kathmandu.

  • Dear Sir/Mam
    I am a student awaiting for +2 result & I want to study BBA at Pokhara University affiliated college in Butwal.
    Can you tell me the cost of BBA course. I also wanted to know that which college is best for PU.
    Thank you

  • Mate I’m new here and this year I cleared my 12 with 2.71 point
    The gpa in each subject
    C.english B
    Po.accounting A
    Computer science th D+
    computer science pr A+
    Economics c+
    Bmath c+
    Mate and seniors can I get admission for BBA course please help me out
    I’ve consult with my friends but they are not sure
    Please guys I’m eagerly waiting for it

  • i want to study BBA course from any university because it’s doesn’t necessary in which college should we learn but it’s the necessary can get to learn. but i don’t have money because i belong from poor family and i am not a intelligent boy so i can’t get the scholarship

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