Bachelors of Laws course in Nepal ( BA LLB in Nepal)

Introduction of BA LLB studies in Nepal | Colleges conducting BA LLB course in Nepal | Career paths after completing BA LLB in Nepal | Job/ Business opportunities with a BA LLB degree | Eligibility to study BA LLB | Cost for completing BA LLB in Nepal | Salary scale of Lawyers in Nepal | Abroad studies after completing BA LLB in Nepal

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB in Nepal) is a five-year bachelor program. There is an increasing trend among students to choose this rewarding and prestigious course. It is a course program designed in order to make legal education compatible with a changed national and international context. The main motive behind this study program is to provide law students with the comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in indigenous as well as foreign legal traditions, lawyer skills and research to meet the challenges of the age.

The law component provides professionals with legal skills including the ability to analyse legal material, understand fundamental legal principles, understand the relationship between law and society and gain general analytical skills for critical thinking and problem-solving. Special emphasis is placed on the development of skills in advocacy, negotiation, legal drafting and legal research.

Some colleges offering BA LLB course in Nepal are:

  • Nepal law campus, Kathmandu (TU)
  • Prithivi Narayan Multiple Campus, Pokhara (TU)
  • Butwal Multiple Campus, Rupandehi (TU)
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj (TU)
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan (TU)
  • Mahendra Bindeshwori Multiple Campus, Saptari (TU)
  • Kathmandu University School of Law, Kavrepalanchowk (KU)
  • Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur(Purbanchal U.)
  • Chakrabarti Habi Educational Academy, Kathmandu (Purbancahl U.)
  • National Law College, Lalitpur (TU)
  • Bright Vision College, Morang (Purbanchal U)

Eligibility to study BALLB in Nepal:

Those students who have completed +2 or equivalent in any of the disciplines can apply for this five-year law program.

The students are required to pass in an entrance exam of total 200 marks among which 100 marks is included from the entrance exam and the other 100 marks is from the percentage gained in the +2 or in other equivalent courses. nYou can use tools like to prepare for the entrance exam.

There are seats reserved for the students in BA LLB courses (2073) , they are:

2 for woman | 2 for Janajati | 2 for Madhesi | 1 for Dalit | 1 for Disabled | 1 for backward area | 2 for foreigners.

Scopes of BA LLB in Nepal and abroad:

Studying law and especially BA LLB opens up a wide range of possibilities for its graduates. We need to remember BALLB is a mixture of Arts and Law faculties therefore skill of law studies is blended with subjects in arts like anthropology, political science, sociology,history, English,etc and it provides a more acute examination of the society and studying law is all about maintaining the law and rules in the society and its related organizations. Thus studying law opens up opportunities in the field of judiciary, legal advising in the national as well as multinational companies,as an independent law professional, Public service, human resource management, foreign law firms, legal department of foreign companies, auditing and compliance firms and consulting firms,etc.

Cost to study/ complete BA LLB course :

The average cost to complete BA LLB course in Nepal is around 3-6 Lakhs.

Further study options after completing BA LLB in Nepal:

BALLB is just a bachelor in the field of studying there are masters as well as Ph.D programmes in the law studies.

Some post-graduation programs in law studies include:

  • MA Human Rights
  • MA Human Rights and Duties Education
  • M Phil. Law
  • Master of Comparative laws etc.
  • P.G Diploma in Women’s Rights and Human Rights
  • Likewise, doctoral-level studies include:
  • PhD Law
  • Doctor of Laws (LLD)

Jobs after completing the BA LLB Course:

One needs to be a member of the bar association of their country to practice law as a profession. As per Nepal there’s a Nepal Bar Association for law professionals in Nepal.

The job provisions include involvement in different sectors like Litigation Lawyer, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Document Drafting Lawyer, Human Resource Officer, Civil Service Administrator, Trading Standards Officer, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor, Public Prosecuting Officer, Judicial Officer, teaching Faculty, etc

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