Bachelor of Pharmacy Nepal (B. Pharm)

All about Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) course, Nepal

Pharmacy is the study of chemical science and medical science combining through which a professional is born who creates or makes drugs which can cure bodily problems of human beings as well as animals too. B. Pharm degree is the bachelors level of Pharmacy which can be studied in various cities of Nepal. B. Pharm is becoming a popular choice for science students who wish to get into the medical field.

Education Status of  B. Pharm in Nepal

As this generation believes in science and technology every student want to study science whether it is from a technical field or medical field, science has brought the world to this time where every disease has medicines to cure people, to people from different types of dangerous diseases. For example; Cancer, cancer is a dangerous disease which can easily kill people but science has made such type of drugs which can cure or decrease the risk of the disease. Pharmacists and chemical engineers play a vital role in developing and researching such drugs.

In Nepal, there are many medical colleges that offer the study of pharmacy. In Kathmandu, there are top colleges affiliated by TU and governmental colleges like Patan College of Medical Science situated at Patan, Tansen Medical College, Mission Hospital of Palpa etc. Also private colleges like IOE, Universal Medical College (UCMS) located at Bhairahawa, National Medicge (NMC), Janaki Medical College (JMC), KISt Medical College (KISTMCTH), Chitwan Medical College (CMC), Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC), Mahendranagar  Medical College, Purbanchal University etc. where students can study B. Pharm in Nepal.

Scope of B. Pharm in Nepal

b. pharm in nepal bachelor of pharmacy

In Nepal, there is a good scope of pharmacy because, in the context of 2057-2067 only 4% of doctors, nurses are there to attend the patients. As in Nepal there are many places where chemical drugs i.e. medicines are not available till today’s date. So, we always need pharmacy and pharmacist to fulfil the lack of medicines and clinics, In fact, Pharmacist have provision to open their own clinic therefore, pharmacists have a good scope in Nepal. The salary status is also good for a pharmacist, if a pharmacist does jobs in any drug company, hospitals, clinics in Nepal. The salary is about NRS. 30,000 to NRS. 40,000 per month. In short, pharmacist and study of pharmacy is collectively important and scope in Nepal.

B. Pharm Course Detail

  • 5 years of total course/ 4 years theory and practical course/ 1 year internship course.

Eligibility to study B.Pharm in Nepal in different university affiliated colleges:

Intermediate pass out in science faculty with 55% up marks in aggregate. Just to give entrance exam, to study B. pharmacy the students should pass the entrance examinations.

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