BA in Buddhist Studies (B.A Buddhist studies)

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BA in Buddhist studies is a different course offered in Nepal which is not widely known to the students. Buddhist Studies is the study of Buddhist culture; to provide the opportunities and conditions for serious practitioners to have a deeper understanding of Dharma which will enhance not only their spiritual and development but also it’s inner realization and application; To know about the positions of the law; to control the body and mind and heart.

Buddhist Studies not only focus the study about physical and mental control but also the Vedas or medicinal study is given to the practitioners. It is said that the Buddhist medicines can cure every problem, cures every suffering organisms, healing of the body; mind; and soul. Buddhist Study makes practitioners (Bhikschhu) control their mind, health, breath, body movements, to set their behaviour calm and peace and make the environment peaceful. Buddhist Studies includes different types of meditation. In short Buddhist Studies is practised all over the world.

Buddhism in Nepal

There are particular institutes that offer this course or Buddhism degrees like Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, M.Phil. Degrees. Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies (KIBS) is one of the most attracted destinations to study Buddhist Studies in Nepal that is located in Dev Doka, Ward No.2, Kritipur. Also, Rang Jung Yeshe Institute (RYI) is a famous institute to study Buddhist Studies in Nepal located in Kathmandu which includes a wide variety of topics in Buddhist Philosophy and in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Nepali languages. To study Buddhist Studies is not so much costly. It is about NRS. 2,00,000 to NRS. 2,50,000 of whole B.A. course.

We Nepalese worship Buddha so Buddhism is a holy course to study and know about Buddhism; to make our whole body, mind and soul beautiful and peaceful and controlled.

Courses (BA in Buddhist Studies, MA in Buddhist Studies)

B.A. Buddhist Studies course take 5 years to complete the whole course, where M.A. Buddhist Studies takes 2 years and 6 months to study. So, as M.Phil. in Buddhist Studies.

Eligibility for Buddhist Studies

  • BA. Buddhist Studies: Intermediate degree from any faculty.
  • MA. Buddhist Studies: B.A. Buddhist studies Degree
  • Phil. Buddhist Studies: M.A. Buddhist Studies Degree
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