Avoid these common mistakes which damage your PTE overall score

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To err is human and mistakes are likely to happen regardless of how diligent you are. But some mistakes cost you a lot. Making mistakes while attempting the PTE test belongs to the same category. Passing this test ensures you a bright and promising life ahead; both on the general and academic front. Candidates who have scored 79 plus marks in exams are likely to grab global opportunities. So, you can’t afford to make mistakes in this exam.

In case you are going to appear for this test in the near time, we have come up with section-wise common mistakes that you should avoid if you are eyeing a good PTE score. So, let’s get started.

Common mistakes to avoid in Speaking Section

Speaking is the first section of the PTE exam wherein a candidate has to give a personal introduction, PTE repeat sentences, describe an image in PTE, and answer few short questions to showcase its expertise in speaking English. If you want to score big in this section then try not to:

  • Speak too fast or too slow. Make sure you are taking a little pause after any punctuation.
  • Use words like ‘and’‘ so’ too often. This shows you lack proper speaking skills and trying to fill space with redundant words. No word should be repeated very frequently.
  • Fake the accent. The accent is the last this that matters here. What matters the most is oral fluency, pronunciation, and intonations. So, don’t fake anything.

Common mistake to avoid in the Writing section

The writing section of the PTE exam focuses on your writing skills and testify it using questions like summarize written text and essay writing. These are some common mistakes that you should never commit while attempting this section:

  • Try to keep the use of informal language as minimum as possible. Also, try not to use any incorrect phrases and quotes. Include them in text only when you know their relevancy.
  • Focus on spellings and try to read out the whole text before the final submission.
  • Never drift away from the theme of the topic. Beating around the bush is not going to do any good to you here.

Common mistake to avoid in the Reading section

Readings section of the PTE exam contains multiple-choice of questions and paragraphs to check how good you are at English reading. To have a good score, try to avoid:

  • Making frequent spelling mistakes
  • Attempting all the Multiple Choice questions without knowing the answer. This section has negative marking.
  • Do final submission without implementing skimming and scanning.

Common mistake to avoid in the Listening section

The last section of the exam is Listening wherein your English listening ability will be measured with the help of short videos. The clip will be played and you have to listen to the content carefully. After the video is stopped, you have to explain the video in your own words.

Avoiding below mentioned tips will help you have a better PTE score:

  • When the video is played, keep yourself fully engaged. Avoid any distractions and video will be played only once.
  • Keep the text within the said word limit.
  • Don’t forget to check the “Time Remaining” and continue as per your flow.

The Pro tip – Don’t consider yourself prepared for the exam if you haven’t used PTE test

One of the most common mistakes that many candidates make is to ignore the worth of the PTE test. They find them very ordinary and think that free PTE mock tests will hardly do any good to them. This is when they start paving the path for poor PTE score.

Free PTE practice test is nothing but a blessing in disguise. These practice tests contain real-time questions of the PTE exam and help you hone your skills in the shortest possible time. With its help, you can have multi-facet help such as:

  • Finding your weak areas
  • Proper utilization of time
  • Time management
  • Deeper insights into a current hot topic
  • Knowledge of frequently-asked questions

Is there anything else out there that can help you in so many ways while you are gearing yourself to nail the PTE exam? No.

So, overlooking the power of the free PTE practice test is one mistake that can ruin the overall PTE score in no time. Hence, don’t ever commit it.

Better PTE score is on your way

A small mistake can throw you meters away from a good PTE score. So, you have to be extra cautious and pay attention to all these small but significant points. Don’t ever underestimate the worth of free PTE mock tests and prepare yourself for the actual D-Day beforehand. If you imply all these things, no one can ever stop you from being a top scorer.

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Darshan has more than five years of experience in the online exam preparation software and eLearning industry. He is passionate about online training and has a deep understanding of how organizations can leverage online training for maximum success. In his free time, he enjoys power walking, Zumba, and reading.