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These days I feel like I am learning each day. Every day I am surrounded by people who inspire me to write something. My head is filled with many ideas, imaginations and a story that links to those people either directly or indirectly. In the present scenario I am so much affected by these words like love, relationships and happiness. Do they have some particular definitions? Is there some defined mantras for a successful love and relationships? Some are complaining about being single while on the other half the level of satisfaction and happiness is slowly declining among the people who are in a relationship as time passes by.

I found some line in the internet that hit me is the definition of love. Love is one of the profound emotions to human beings. Some seek it as a romantic relationship with well matched partner while some others may seek it in a divergent way. Going through the perspectives from many people, love starts with obsession and an extreme desire to be with each other. Each seconds feel like an endless hour when no simple hello fluffy word in those ears beat up. They may get appealed to each other either sexually or psychologically. It’s the period of bypassing each other’s flaws whatever the situation is.

Why is there end up in relationships then? Like the different phases of our life, relationship has their own sections. It begins with infatuation and goes through along the way. Slowly feeling interpretation phases out. Long conversations, all those techniques of talking, likes and dislikes captivates you. Life seems to be so good as if you have entered to the land of ecstacy with hundreds of globules of expectations and hope. Feeling of love in the air spreads everywhere. You get totally infected.

Now the stage of conflicts, disturbances in relationship emerges. Expectations, opinions and an assumption about partner’s dedication starts to differ now and again. Both individual tries to change the attitude towards relationship to fit perfectly in a manner. This persistent phenomenon leads to the end of relationship if balance is not maintained.

Lets feel an array of love that sweeps from most important element of life to the source of satisfaction. Cultivate good relationships and get immense reward of happiness. Don’t let all those ups and downs be the source of your stress. Stay happy and remain healthy.

P.S. Intimacy is a quick access to your internal pharmacy. Be understandable and nice, you will dispense the happy pills for yourself.

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