7 Websites for Student Help: Save some time for parties

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Whatever field of studies you are in, there comes a time where you just want to let off some steam and do something fun. For instance, going out with your friends or attending a dorm party may be just the thing to get those studying blues away. It’s all well and good until you realize that you can’t go anywhere because there’s so much work to be done.
Keep in mind that there are ways to make your student life a whole lot easier, and they are at the tips of your fingers. Let’s take a look at some of the best websites out there that can help you clear up that schedule and get more work done in the process in order to have some well-deserved fun.

EdX – First off, let’s think about why your schedule is so busy. It’s because you are facing so many new and unknown subjects that you need to get a grasp on fairly quickly. Luckily for you, EdX, among many other online course websites out there, offers a free and accessible studying platform.
You can learn anything from management to coding in a relatively short amount of time. Given that you only need to grasp the basics before tackling your college courses, EdX is the perfect online platform for learning new things through well-constructed and professional courses.

Open Study – Did you ever wonder how it would feel like to study with people online? Wonder no further, since Open Study is a platform that provides just that. All it takes is a simple account creation and you are good to go. Find colleagues and future friends from all over the world who are studying the same things you are.
This way, you will not only study faster and more efficiently, but you will also gain valuable fresh perspective on your courses. Let’s not forget the sheer amount of friends that you can make by using Open Study, since everyone on the platform shares the same problems with you. It’s free and easy to use, so why not give it a shot?

Lord Of Papers – Sometimes all the planning and improvisation simply won’t work. You will have so much work on your hands that you will want to ask someone to help you. Lord Of Papers is one such online service. They specialize in academic writing and offer a plethora of different papers, case studies, CV and cover letter writing among others.
The professional writers on Lord Of Papers only need a detailed briefing and a deadline in order to deliver on your projects. While sometimes it may feel like cheating, it really isn’t. You’re asking for help because you don’t have enough time and want to submit your paper on time, so there really isn’t any harm done.

Audible – It may not seem like it, but walking back and forth between classes and your place of living takes a lot of time. Why not use this time productively and listen to some college literature while you are at it? Audible is a well-known audiobook platform that offers a vast number of different literature for you to choose from.
Anything from specialized medical books to science-fiction novels is on the table, so why not take a look? You might be surprised as to how much time you save during each day, simply by listening instead of reading.

Sleepyti.me – Let’s not forget the number one reason for a lack of time in college. There’s just so much to do during the semester that we neglect the one thing we should pay careful attention to; sleeping properly. That is why Sleepyti.me exists as a platform that can help you manage your sleeping cycle.
The website calculates an optimal amount of time needed to have proper rest according to your schedule so far and the time of day you need to wake up. Give it a shot for a few days and see how it works for you. You might be surprised as to how many hours a day you can free up just by sleeping properly. And let’s not mention the simple fact of feeling well rested.

Todoist – When all is said and done, the biggest reason for a lack of time at college is the lack of organization. One of the many planning platforms out there is Todoist, and it offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to organizing your time. The everyday schedule of a college student is riddled with activities. From courses and exercises to campus mandatory campus activities, there’s just no end in sight.
That is why services such as Todoist exist, and they are available so that you can manage your precious time that much more effectively. You will notice that using a planner is worth the hassle when you start noticing free hours here and there, seemingly popping out of nowhere.

SugarSync – Last but not least, SugarSync is an online cloud platform that allows you to access your files anytime and anywhere. You might be visiting your parents over the weekend or studying at your friend’s place across the campus. There’s nothing worse than losing precious time and going to pick up your much needed files. That is why SugarSync exists, as it allows you to upload and store important documents and gain access anywhere on the go.

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