7 reasons why you should study iGCSE and A-Levels online

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In 2017 3.5 billion people worldwide were online (1). Online education and distance learning is growing in popularity, as students all over the world can access courses from the comfort of their own home. Online schools operate very similarly to normal schools- there is a qualified teacher in an online classroom, who teaches lessons in real time to students all over the world, via Skype. Students sit in a quiet study space at home, with their headset on, and interact with their teachers and other students during the lesson. For international students, the ability to study for a quality British education online, opens up an incredible number of opportunities for studying and working abroad. It costs less than international school fees, and means that more and more young people are given the opportunity to fulfil their full potential.

Here are 7 reasons why online schooling may be for you:

1. Internationally accredited iGCSE and A-Level qualifications

The British education system has an excellent reputation all over the world, setting a gold standard for achievement. IGCSEs and A Levels are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who know the curriculum inside out to ensure that students get the best grades, ensuring the highest quality British education.

2. Take exams anywhere in the world

No matter where you live in the world, there will be an examination centre near you where you can take the exams. You can study from your own home, and take them when you are ready.

3. Competitive for international university application and employment

iGCSE and A Levels are recognised at universities in over 125 countries (2), where the value of national qualifications are often difficult for other countries to understand. Having these qualifications gives you a competitive edge when applying as an international student to study abroad, or to employers globally. They demonstrate a student’s commitment to education and make them stand out. Studying in English also demonstrates your language abilities often needed for Visa applications.

4. Flexible timetabling for other commitments and hobbies

You can study as many or as few courses as you want, from a whole series of iGCSEs to one A Level. You don’t have to travel to and from school, and most lessons finish early. This means that you have more time to do sport, hobbies, and socialize, and can fit studying around your priorities, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice them for school.

5. More affordable than international schooling

Students can get a higher quality and internationally competitive education for a fraction of the cost of international schooling. The cost of private school fees in the UK is now at an average of £12,700 per year. The MyOnlineSchooling.com is a very cost-effective means of private education with fees from as low as £1,900 per year.

6. Individualised teaching

Small class sizes mean that teachers really know their students, and tailor make their lessons to their needs. Students are encouraged to become independent learners, and take responsibility for their own work, under the guidance of teachers.

7. Fewer distractions than in school

Students have not got the distractions of others in the classroom from their quiet study space, meaning that lesson time is maximized. Less time is wasted, so they have to spend less time in class, and learning time is maximized.

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(1) ITU (2016) http://www.itu.int/en/mediacentre/Pages/2016-PR30.aspx
(2) http://thehimalayantimes.com/education/level-international-recognition/

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