10 Tips to improve your writing skills

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For some people, writing is an intimidating task while for others, it is a piece of cake. Improving your writing skills is simple and requires little effort. Here are the ten tips that can boost your writing skills:

Read, read and read

The more you read, the better it will be. Good writers are always good readers. By reading different novels, books, blogs, and newspapers, you can have a look at different sentence structuring and writing styles. Every person has its own style of writing, so you will get great ideas by spending some time in reading.

Work on basic grammar and vocabulary

If you want to become a good writer, you should start working on your vocabulary. To horn your vocab and sentence structuring, you can take online courses. Your grammar should also be perfect. Start reading the basic principles of grammar and give online tests to polish your skills.

Keep good focus

Research shows that it takes 17 minutes to get back on your work after being distracted. So, switch off your cell phone and sit in a peaceful room when you are about to write something. Once you get distracted, you will break the flow of writing.

Plan before you write

Planning is very important before you write something. If you prepare an outline for your work before actually start writing, it will make things easier for you. On one hand, it will be easier for you to manage time and on other hand, it will not put you in trouble all of a sudden.

Keep it simple

Excessive wordy text make your writing look boring and dull. Quality writing is always to the point and provide knowledge to the readers. Use good vocabulary but try to keep it as per the audience. If you are writing a general article, do not use technical words in it.

Write in a distinctive style

Copying someone else’s style will not make you unique. Create your own style of writing and write in a distinctive manner. This will make your writing pieces stand out of the box.

Do take small breaks

Breaks are necessary especially if you are writing a lengthy piece. Take small breaks to refresh your mind. If you keep on writing for long hours without taking any break, it will make you get bored and frustrated.

Never forget to proofread

Yes, proofread is a key to quality writing. Proofread the work yourself or get it done from an expert. It will highlight all mistakes in your text and you will get high quality work in the end.

Make a list of your mistakes

Every time you find a mistake while proofreading your paper, note it down. Make a list of all these mistakes. This will help you in gradually increasing the quality of your content.

Practice everyday

Practicing everyday will horn your writing skills. It is not necessary to write a lengthy article on daily basis. You can write a short para just to keep you on track.

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Mick Johnson is a social worker in the UK and an Essay writing expert. He makes valuable contributions to various e-magazines and article directories.

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