Make sure to follow these guidelines before submitting guest posts

Guest post writing guidelines for studentsnepal:

  1. The article must cover in-depth insights, views and information about the topic. Usually, the article should be at least 1000 words long.
  2. Content must be structured well with a proper title, headings, paragraphs and author bio section.
  3. The websites linked with the articles should not have even a slight hint of spamming history.
  4. A bio section can contain only 1 link while the article can contain a maximum of 5 links with 1 do-follow link. However, there are no limits on Citation, Reference and legacy links.
  5. The content must be original, fresh, unique and not published elsewhere.
  6. Articles with grammatical errors and incorrect information (facts and figures) will be ignored.
  7. You need to own the content in totality. If the article is co-authored, you should mention it clearly and give enough credit to the co-author.
  8. Articles on too much controversial topics are less welcomed unless you can provide some strong arguments or thoughts on the topic.
  9. The languages accepted for the guest post at studentsnepal are: English, Nepali and Hindi.
  10. You must submit at least 1 relevant image in a separate file. You can include the image in the article but must send the image as an attachment as well.
  11. The source of information should be cited properly when necessary. You can refer to this article for more explanation of the various rules of citation .(
  12. The article must be related to students, education, youth or anything that will be beneficial to the students.

Topics that will not be accepted:

  1. Anything related to essay writing tips, assignment writing tips (sorry, we get too many of those). Please talk to us before sending articles on those topics.
  2. Anything that seems promotional content of any organization or product are not qualified for the free guest post. However, you can include the link of your organization or product inside the article in a suitable way. Advertorials are allowed but should be clearly mentioned as Advertorials.