We Accept Guest posts in our educational Website (High PA, DA)

We accept guest posts on our educational blog. Over a small period of time, we have become one of the best guest posting sites in the education niche. Anyone with unique contents and articles can apply for guest posting service on our website. We will approve the submitted content instantly if the content/domain name follows our guest post guidelines. StudentsNepal is now in the top list of free SEO guest posting websites in search engines.

We accept guest posts to help you rank higher in google and larger audiences/visitors. Guest posts will also help our visitors get additional information/knowledge from the contents you submit. So this beneficial for all parties; we, our readers and you. Guest posts are not only strong and important techniques to gain more back-links but also a good way to establish a good and healthy relation with like-minded bloggers and gurus online. It is always great to have a back-link from an educational website because educational blogs contain tons of information from all fields and niches and have back-links from a variety of sources. Also, we can use educational blogs for posting any type of articles because of its nature. We have been working on our educational website to give more and more information and knowledge to our readers who are mostly students, teachers and education instructors.

Why Guest post and why choose studentsnepal for guest posting?

Guest posts are a valuable source of information for readers of our website. This has made our blog a best choice among the websites that accept guest posting.  Simply because we accept guest posts on our website doesn’t mean we are suitable/ beneficial for posting your articles which you might have prepared spending a great deal of time or resource. We are an innovative and fastest-growing educational website of Nepal with lots of visitors; most of them are students and youth. In merely one year of development, we have been successful to achieve high Page Authority PA and Domain Authority DA (high PA DA site with good Trust Flow). Read our list of some important FAQs prepared on the basis of guest post service queries. We accept guest posts for almost all niches except porn or controversial topics.

we accept guest posts on any educational topic

What type of guest posts do you publish in this website?

Since we accept guest posts in our student’s blog from various niches that educates our visitors, we can post any type of guest post that is beneficial to the visitors. We accept guest posts that are within the frame of our guest post guidelines. You must actually create the contents for the human readers and not just created/prepared/written to submit for back-links. We have specific guidelines for guest posting. Before submitting your articles please make sure that your articles follow all the guest post guidelines. Educational materials are given high priority. Guest posts on topics such as “homeschool regulations and children’s rights”,  “online education“, “free CV services”, “the importance of education”, niches like fashion, health, travel will also be considered with priority. However, we don’t accept the articles with the following characteristics:

  • Contain adult content, profanity
  • Too controversial topics
  • Racial and bullying contents
  • Duplicate content that is copied from other website or already published on other websites (we do not accept posts that are already published on your website too). The article must be unique.
  • Spun articles

Who can apply for guest post in this educational website?

Anyone with awesome contents can apply for a guest post on our educational website. The best guest posting service we provide is eligible for all bloggers/writers from all around the world with eligible content fulfilling our guest posting guidelines. We accept guest posts from all around the world. However, the articles must be in the English language since we have audiences from all over the globe.

Is this free guest post service or you will charge for publishing articles we submit?

As long as your articles are unique and add value to our website by providing our visitors with more information and knowledge, your guest post will be published free of charge. However, if your article is of advertisement nature then we may not publish it or might ask for modifications or a small charge.

Will the guest post be published in root domain or it is posted in subdomain?

Well, we generally post the guest posts in root domain but if the post will be more appropriate in any of our subdomains we will discuss it with you and do it accordingly. All of our subdomains are highly authorities with high PA and DA. So, the high authority will pass to your link whether it is posted in the root domain or in any of our sub-domains. No matter where it is published links from our website will always enjoy the freshest and purest PR juice. This PR juice and passed authority will be a great addition to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Should I link back the page from my domain to publish my content in the website? Should my website/blog must be an educational blog or purely education niche?

It’s completely your choice. But we highly recommend (request) to do it. We provide the backlinking service without a link back to our website. But we will analyze the quality of your link for this service. Domains with PA and DA of +40 will automatically qualify for this.

You can link back to us to let your visitors know about this cool and free guest posts accepting educational website. This will help them too to submit their articles and a wide range of audiences will find them too. As long as your posts comply with our basic guest posting guidelines, you can link any website except not accepted in our guidelines in the articles to be published. So, Linking back to our website is completely optional. But we believe that telling your visitors about studentsnepal will be a good idea given the knowledge and information they can get from our platform.

Are the backlinks do-follow or no follow? Can I use anchored backlink in my guest post?

All links in the articles that get approved will be do-follow links unless you choose them to be no-follow links. Yes, you can anchor texts in the links. But the anchored text you use must be relevant to the text and must be relevant to the article in which it is inserted.

Can I purchase back-links from you in bulk/ do you accept guest posts if we give some service fee?

No, we don’t sell backlinks. We only allow blog post from your own website. You can only get a link to your one domain. Please don’t ask us for backlinks to use in Fiverr gigs or similar commercial purposes. We are not sellers of guest posting packages. We simply do it to add value to the content of our website. And this will help search engines to index other important websites and their contents. Search engines like google, yahoo, Bing and others follow the link in content while crawling and index the link too. So if your intention is to buy guest blog for commercial use, this blog is not for you.

However, if you would like to post the articles that are suitable for students and youth and the high ranking you get will benefit you commercially (eg: essay writing, paid training service providers, thesis writing guidance etc), you can contact us for a price quote.

So, If you wish to publish your articles on this website and your article fulfils all the guest post submission guidelines, you can send your article to us at guestpost(@)studentsnepal.com. We will review it and contact you back instantly.