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Best, simple and easy Preeti to Unicode converter. Type Nepali easily

This tool is used to type in English and it will be converted to Nepali (Devanagari). No loading, no lagging, no clicking buttons and unnecessary additions. Simple and easy Preeti to Unicode. Fonts supported are Preeti, Himalaya, notosans and more (all devanagari fonts).This tool can be used to comment in Nepali in facebbok, send Email in Nepali font and used for any purposes.
Start typling in roman(English font) in the form below and your roman font will be automatically converted in Nepali font which is called Nepali Unicode. You can copy that Nepali unicode and paste it anywhere in the internet. Nepali Unicode tool is the best way to type in Nepali if you don’t have knowledge of Nepali typing. Now anyone with basic typing skills can type Nepali easily using this Nepali typing tool.

Fast and easy Preeti to Unicode converter online. Best and easiest way to type Nepali.

Simply type in English(romanised) in the box below and it will be converted into Nepali font, then copy it and you can use it anyehere.
E.g: mero naam raam ho. Ma raamro maanche ho.
Result: मेरो नाम राम हो। म राम्रो मान्छे हो।

तलको बक्समा प्रीति फन्टका अक्षर पेस्ट गर्नुहोस्:

माथीको प्रीति फन्ट अनुसारको युनिकोड, यो बक्समा हेर्नुहोस् :

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