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SnHome Forums Information technology (IT) BIT vs BSC.CSIT vs BCA .which is better in context of Nepal? Reply To: BIT vs BSC.CSIT vs BCA .which is better in context of Nepal?

  • Bindiya Bajracharya

    July 31, 2018 at 10:18 am

    BIT course is designed to provide knowledge to the students about the fundamentals and changes in Information technology, programming, computer networks and communication. After completion of the course, the graduates can work in the field of network management, database administration, web administration, advertising, information management, etc.
    BCA is a fused course between technology and management. The students get the knowledge of application of computer and information technology in managing database, administration, analyzing and designing system,etc.
    B.Sc. CSIT is course developed to impart knowledge of both theoretical and practical computer science and information technology. There is a vast range of jobs after this course like software developer, network and database administrator, IT manager/officer, technical writer, information system and computer system analyst, etc.
    Comparing these courses, B.Sc.CSIT requires science background but BCA and BIT doesn’t need it. The scope of all these courses are equal in their own filed. It depends on your interest and dedication on what you choose.