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  • Bindiya Bajracharya

    July 24, 2018 at 10:26 am

    BSc CSIT (Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology) is a four-year course affiliated to Tribhuvan University in Nepal which focuses on Principles and Technology and designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Computing.

    It can be an expensive course or a cheap one. It all depends upon the college that you want to enrol or get into. The fee ranges widely from college to college. That means there is a huge difference in the tuition fees between the cheapest college and the most expensive one. Generally, the government or public colleges have cheaper fees and private colleges have expensive fee structures. As far as I know, the cheapest college for studying BSc. CSIT is Patan Multiple Campus, where you have to pay less than 2 lakhs for 4 years. After that, there comes ASCOL where the total cost is about 2 lakhs. The most expensive in the nation must be Deerwalk Institute, where the cost is about 8-12 lakhs which is much more than the previous colleges.  But this college is definitely worth the money because of the quality of education it provides, the extra courses that’s been included in its syllabus and it’s capacity of building decent manpower. St. Xavier’s college had about 7 lakhs in its pamphlet. There are a lot of scholarships available in private colleges but almost none in the government colleges, but they are still cheaper.