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  • Suju Bhattarai

    May 26, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering is a 4-year program comprising eight semesters and 150 credit hours. The program emphasizes on the comprehensive understanding of the environmental issues and use of environmental friendly tools to reduce the problems. Moreover, the discipline deals with the issues like control of toxic materials, management of perilous waste, pollution control, minimize the effect of acid rain, automobile productions, global warming and ozone layer depletion. It is also concerned with the protection and conservation of the wildlife. The program provides students with the strong foundation in areas including environment, soils, natural resources conservation, geological sciences, environment design and earth & environmental sciences.

    To complete the Bachelor of Technology in Environment Engineering students should complete 150 total credit hours of study. The program covers subjects such as Mechanics & Option, Calculus & Linear Algebra, Communication Skills, Engineering Drawing, Inorganic Chemistry, Communication Skills, Engineering Projects, Computer Programming, Physics lab, Ecological Principles, Principles of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Applied Civil Engineering, Numerical Methods, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Economics, Energy & Environment, Air & Noise Pollution Monitoring and Control etc. Students have option to choose from the elective subjects such as Soil Pollution Monitoring and Land Control, Ground Water Engineering, Road Engineering, Hydropower and Renewable Energy, Hydrology of Mountain Regions, Environmental System Modeling and Design, Toxicology and Eco-toxicology, Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management, Irrigation Engineering and Environmental Health.

    To obtain the Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering degree, students should secure minimum of 2.0 CGPA. If students get ‘F’ in a single subject, they won’t be awarded with the degree. Students have seven years to pass the program.
    Institution offering Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering
    Kathmandu University – School of Engineering

    Admission Requirements
    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Candidate should have completed +2 through
    • Candidate should have obtained at least fifty percent marks in aggregate
    • Candidate should sit on the entrance exam and face a personal interview

    Required Documents while applying for admission

    • Copy of academic certificates
    • Copy of character certificate
    • Copy of citizenship certificate
    • 2 recent passport size photographs

    Scope and Career
    The program equips graduates with multiple skills such as imagination, problem-solving, interpersonal, reading and writing skills which are very important to function in the workplace. These skills help them land in a good positions as well. The Job opportunity for this degree holder is anticipated to grow in the near future. They can find a job in both private and government or public sectors. Some of the typical employers in the private sectors include refiners, textile mills, food processing industries, distilleries, water treatment industries and fertilizers plants. They can as well find jobs in forest department, agriculture, water resources and urban development. They even have option to serve in teaching field or journalism.

    This degree holder can work as chemical engineers, environmental engineering technicians, civil engineers, hydrologist, environmental scientist and specialist and natural sciences managers. The salary depends on the position they hold and organization they serve. However, they can expect a decent pay.