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SnHome Forums Abroad Studies and Scholariships what are the required document for applying scholarship in China for LLM degree? Reply To: what are the required document for applying scholarship in China for LLM degree?

  • Suju Bhattarai

    May 14, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Master of Laws (LLM) degree is a one-year degree program pursued by those who have completed theirs under graduated degree in law or related field. The course provides students with knowledge and skills to become a competent lawyer. However, in the most of the countries, LLM degree is not required to practice law.

    There are arrays of LL.M programs available which allow an individual to focus on any part of the law. Some of the Master of laws programs include tax law, financial services law, environmental law, human rights law, international law, maritime law, law and economics, social care, intellectual property law, trade law, human rights law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, trial Advocacy and so on. Few law colleges allow students to design their own course, however, the college sets the parameters.
    There are three universities in China offering LLM programs and all of them offers scholarship:

    1) China University of Political Science and Law
    2) China-EU School of Law (CSEL)
    3) Beijing Foreign Studies University

    After enrolling in the program, each week you have to attain four to eight hours classes. You will need to complete your assignments on time but if you have any issue, you may apply for an extension. If you want to enroll in the online program, you will have to take six courses in the fall semester and eight in spring.

    Scholarships for Online Programs:
    The scholarship is worth two-thousand US dollar.
    Applicant should submit complete and signed application form along with the application fee

    Scholarships for Residential Program
    The scholarships cover tuition fee, living expenses, medical insurance, accommodation and travel expenses.
    Since the scholarships are administered by the China Scholarship Council, the applicant should apply for the admission first and then scholarship. Applicant should fill up the application form available on the website of China Scholarship Council.
    Applicant should pay the application fee
    Applicant should print out the documents and submit them to the Chinese Embassy in your country.

    To apply for the Scholarship in China for LL.M program, Applicant needs to submit following documents
    Complete and signed Application Form
    Custody Release Form
    Copy of passport
    Recent Passport Size Photo
    Personal Statement
    Research Proposal
    Education Certificate
    Academic Transcript (From SLC to Bachelor’s level certificate)
    Two Reference Letter
    You should submit all the required documents before the deadline. Generally, applications are accepted on the rolling basis.