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  • Suju Bhattarai

    April 20, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Before deciding if it is good or not to study BIM, you must understand the program in details: Courses of study, the time required, fee structure and career opportunities.

    Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) is a four-year hybrid program formed by integrating two courses management and information technology, 60% of the curriculum focusing on computer programming language, JAVA, web technology, graphics software engineering and network and multimedia. The remaining 40% course content is based on social science and management. Under this program, students will learn about communication and information systems in administration and business fraternity. The program emphasis on developing student’s analytical, critical thinking, decision-making skills. Students are provided with the professional training by blending information technology with managerial skills. It is designed to produce IT professional who can use computers and computational techniques efficiently to develop potent information systems in order to fix the real world issues.

    The program is divided into 8 semesters and consist of 126 credit hours. The curriculum of BIM degree consists of five distinct course components: Mangement Courses (27 credit hrs), Analytical and Support Courses (27 credit hrs), Information Technology and Computing Courses (60 credit hrs), Elective Courses (6 credit hrs) and Internship: Industrial Attachment Project (6 credit hrs). The principle of Managment, Basic Mathematics, Sociology, Business Communication, Psychology, Object Oriented Programming, Micro Economics, Financial Accounting are some of the subjects you will study under this program.

    Fifteen colleges are offering Bachelor in information management in Nepal under Tribhuvan University affiliation. Shanker Dev Campus, Nepal Commerce Campus, Morgan International College, Asin School of Management, KIST College, Orchid International College, Institue of Mangement Studies are some of them.

    Eligibility Criteria for admission
    – In order to join BIM, students should have completed 12 years of formal schooling and should have obtained at least second division in +2.
    – Students should appear and pass CMAT test. The entrance test is usually held in September.
    – Students should face an interview after passing CMAT test
    – The final selection is done on the basis of applicant’s academic achievements, CMAT test performance and interview.

    Talking about the fee structure, it varies depending on the infrastructures, facilities offered by the college. However, the fee barely exceeds 5 lakhs.

    Talking about the career opportunities, today’s market is very competitive, thus is always in search of those who are technically skilled and are familiar with information technology. To sustain in today’s workforce, only expertise in technology is not enough, you should have the knowledge about the functioning of business as well. Due to which, the demand for BIM graduated is increasing since they have knowledge of both management and technology. Graduates with this degree may find a job in computer systems design organizations, government agencies, business organizations and computer facilities management firms. Grads with BIM degree are eligible to hold jobs such as application analyst, data analyst, system developer, systems analyst, IT technical support officer, it consultant, information systems manager, database administrator, business analyst, web content manager and so on. You even have the option to hone the skills you have developed while studying BIM by joining masters programs.
    Lastly, I would like to say, no program is good or bad in itself. It’s up to you how you use the knowledge you gained by studying the program. BIM has a greater scope in Nepal as it is steadily heading towards the development. A number of new business firms are being established and use of new technologies are increasing at the same rate which will certainly increase the job opportunities.