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  • Deepu Shah

    April 14, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    BSc in Agriculture or BSc in Forestry which has better scope?
    Iam a forestry graduate. So let me tell you some important points about it.

    Forestry is an allied subject under agriculture.
    There is no special advantage for us as being a forestry graduates in forest related services even in interview stages.
    For bank jobs AFO they prefer agriculture graduates
    Not much collages or univ. In India so not much opportunities in teaching.
    After graduating with agriculture you can go for more diverse fields for MSc but not much choices available in forestry.
    Not much research in forestry as we are reading the same books and laws from British era.
    So better to go for agriculture than forestry. But if you best your subject then doesn’t matter what you read, you will surely excel.