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  • Pratigya Shiwakoti

    September 9, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Inspiration is kind of motivation which in courage a person to do something good or better…for example a proper inspiration are jhamak kumari ghimire,Anuradha koirala,Mother terrace, and so on… who have not only won awards and prizes but also won heart of people. Yes inspiration comes from a buttom of heart from the entire soul..but to be inspired we need is such a thing which motivate you…which supports you or which make you show right path of life..which makes you to listen what your heart and soul want to do actually…and such a personality like Jhamak k. Ghimire teaches that “if being physically disabled i can do something,then you just can do anything you want and if you are like me you known we are friends and if i can u too can.” Even one can be inspired by going to various inspirational seminars..for example of sandip maheshseari’s…and so on..
    Lastly to inspire someone do something better and be someone idol which itself inspire other…just leave your foot print so properly that every one start to follow you…