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  • Pratigya Shiwakoti

    August 10, 2017 at 3:52 am

    God is that who creat us…who care and protect us…who fight and stand for us…who always worry and love us..who give proper education and knowledge to us…who teach us how to grow,survive and make a brighter future..and for me my creator, my well wishes and my life is my mother…She is that god which is neither a poster nor a statue but she is a living god. She is as like as a candle..which provide us the light till it finishes itself..yes she also have a magic and power because she have every solution of my problem..when she keep her hand on my head I feel like my all headache is gone..if I am angry she make me feel better and she is that angle who can change my mood immediately..Mother is a living star who simply shine for her children…love u mother you are a true god…not only god but you are more then any others…