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  • Aubhav Gautam

    August 2, 2017 at 2:59 am

    Bsc. CSIT can be an expensive course or a cheap one,all depends upon the college that you enroll or get accepted into. The fee ranges widely, meaning that there’s a lot of difference in the tuition fees between the cheapest college and the most expensive one. As far as I know, the cheapest college for studying Bsc. CSIT this year was Patan Multiple Campus, where you didn’t have to pay more that 1 lakhs and 67 thousands for 4 years, after that , there comes ASCOL where the total cost is 2 lakhs. The most expensive in the nation must be Deerwalk Institute, where the cost is 12 lakhs(lol the students pay what the Patan students pay in four years in a semester). But believe me, this college is definitely worth your money because of the regime of the extra courses that’s been included in it’s syllabus and it’s building decent manpower than a number of talented students. St. Xaviers had about 7 lakhs in its pamphlet. There are a lot of scholarships available in private colleges but almost none in the government colleges, but they are still cheaper.

    Additional costs may include buying a decent computer, some notebooks and some text books, I’m not gonna calculate that for you. And about the colleges, anyone willing to do this course, I recommend this order,

    ASCOL> St.Xaviers> Patan> DeerWalk> Other Colleges, anyway I’ve only kept the finances in notice because believe me, almost all the colleges are basically the same and most of them even share the same community of teachers. So try to get better marks in your entrance examinations and then try to get into the college that best suits you . 🙂