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  • Suraksha Tiwari

    June 23, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Before choosing any field, you should first determine the fit between your career goals and your interest. Career should be chosen based on your priorities and most importantly where you want to see yourself working in the future. For this you should consider the pros and cons of each field carefully and choose the one that best fits you.

    Information technology is one of the fastest growing sector globally and Nepal is no exception. Fast growth in the technological field and use of computer in almost every field including business, banking and financial sector, educational sector, health services and also in government offices are fueling for the demand of experts in this field. Information technology has to do most with the organization and management of systems and information. There are plenty of colleges providing IT education in Nepal affiliated to both Nepali and foreign universities. The most common information technology degree in Nepal are BSc IT, BIT, BCSIT and BIM. Graduates in information technology should possess expertise in computer technology, telecommunication and multimedia as well as the knowledge of networks. After the completion of the degree, you will find various career options like computer programmer, software developer, IT managers, software developer, web developer, web designer, system analyst and many more. If you are interested in entrepreneurial ventures, online startups are another good options. You can easily start your own online business given the expertise you have in this field.

    The greatest merit of this field is flexibility in work and is best for people searching self-employment. However, there are things that you should be taken into account before opting this field. As this is a new and growing filed, you may face difficulty to find job at the beginning. Job security in this field is another drawback. Problem solving ability, strong analytical silks and ability to focus for a longer period of time are the qualities required to excel in the field. You can see rapid growth in this field compared to other but you should be able to recognize and trap the newer opportunities. Unlike information technology, engineering is rather a conventional degree and encompasses a range of more specialized field such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication, computer and may more with emphasis on applied science, and technology. Nepal is a developing country and it requires more and more of engineers to build the nation. Engineers need to possess an ability to apply the creativity, analytical aptitude and strong math skills. Engineering education is one of the most soughed in our country and there are many institutions providing engineering education.

    I personally think that there is no dearth of engineering jobs in the market however you need to have the skills and experiences to get into this field. Engineering is a safer option if you want job security. Once you obtain experience in the job, you will be able to obtain plenty of opportunities. You may require master’s degree or more to land in the top position. Both the degrees, engineering and IT are technical degrees and carry lot of scope. Main thing is you need to excel in your chosen field. IT can take you to newer height if you are able to identify the need of the market while engineering is more secured option.