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  • Purna Nepali

    September 19, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Sunil, After completing degree course in Ayurveda one can have following options:

    Private Practice in Nepal
    Further Studies
    Job Oppurtunities in ayurved hospitals and medicals After BAMS
    Different Business options
    Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and business of medical hurbs( with permission from Nepal Government and governing bodies)
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Corporate Fitness Expert

    Ayurvedic Sciences and courses are becoming more and more popular in recent days not only in Nepal and India but also in European and American countries, be it the Panch Karma Therapy or the medicines or massages. The trend of SPAs and the requirement of being counseled by a good Ayurvedic doctor has become the need of the hour. Nepal have its history and culture for providing it with a secret for not only people’s well being but also contributing to the tourism sector because of the underlying therapies, massages, medicines and much more. So with the increase in SPAs and Ayurvedic Centres in recent days there will be an increase to provide more doctors for treatment and counseling. Also, People are inclined more towards natural methods of treatment and yoga, pranayams. The increased publicity of Ayurveda and Yoga has a very good impact on the future prospects of Ayurveda course.