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  • Mommaz Gurl

    March 4, 2016 at 9:19 am

    BBA/BI Study: The Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) program aim is to provide sound knowledge base in business administration, conceptual understanding among the team and skills in the area of business and management with major focus on finance, banking and insurance which are all the field of business administration. The BBA-BI program is a four year bachelor degree program which will complete in 8 semesters. BBA/Bi students must be hard working and passionate to study. A student needs to complete many tasks like as course work, project work and internship working in any companies or factories to graduate. Students are required to enroll in designated courses every semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 study hour.
    Internship work program is supervised under the supervision of supervisor which will be assigned by the college authority. Under the supervision of supervisor, students have to work and complete their respected tasks for graduation.

    BBA Study: The mission of(Faculty of Management) FOM’s Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Program is to produce the professionals who are socially responsive, creative and result oriented management personality to work in any administration who will be qualified to fill up the managerial positions in this competitive generation where commercial sectors/fields are rapidly growing in Nepal as well in abroad.
    BBA study develops student’s skill in business management, capability of understanding business situations and conditions and find a smart way to uplift the finance and solving the business problems in a practical and creative way. BBA study provide professional management education with combine of computer and management information system courses. This course prepare students to proceed onto post graduate level of study in business administration. It include class lectures, group discussions with friends and teachers, case studies, practical exercises, laboratory work, project works, term papers and internship.

    BBS Study: The objectives of the BBS programme at the (FOM) Faculty of Management of Tribhuvan University (TU) are produce the students for the competent manager for any field of active organization work. The BBS programme is based on the principles that the graduates will spend major parts of their life in a constantly changing environment like currently days. Therefore, the student should get an opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills which are under the operation and management of organizations.
    BBS graduates should also have a variety of career options and opportunity in various sector of business areas including entrepreneurship and create much needed jobs for other qualified competent. the BBS program attempt to generate required attitudes , abilities and practical skill in students, which can help graduates for their growth into competent and responsible business managers. Also it develop necessary organizations for higher studies in management and then after to take up their career in teaching, research and consultancy.

    BCIS Study: The Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) is a four-year academic program. The program offered by Pokhara University (PU), contains both study of theoretical section and practical knowledge in computer information system and IT. The course effectively give emphases to two programs, the most powerful disciplines-management and information technology(IT). BCIS has been created to offer the students a chance an opportunity to obtain the basic concepts and job oriented knowledge in computers with an accompanying flair in theory and tools and techniques of modern management. It is a rare opportunity to be a graduate with two disciplines of equal competence i.e Management sector and information technology (IT). BCIS provide students with good background in general courses of management and IT, to make student know about the concepts and tools of management which will be required and helpful in decisions making, provide knowledge about the concept and skills to use information technology for solving the problems, to make students a management professionals and a responsible citizens.

    BCA Study: The Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) is a four year, yearly technical academic program which provides a bachelor degree in technical management faculty. The program of study of BE computer is over a period of eight semesters ( four academic years ). The courses are complemented with laboratory practices with state-of-the art-computing systems. BCA objective is to develop a highly qualified professionals in both theoretical and practical knowledge in computer systems and it’s application.
    BCA is the technical aspect of education fused with the Management Studies. Therefore, we see that the outcomes of BCA are serving this nation’s renowned organizations and groups with honorable designations. BCA outcomes have the chances of job in any field of business, Non-governmental organizations, business groups and organizations where Management knowledge integrated with computer applications is preferred.
    After BCA, students can study Master in computer application (MCA), students with BCA degree can study M.Sc also they can study IT.
    BSW Study:The BSW (Bachelor’s in Social Work) is a 4 year, yearly course which is a fundamentally a multidisciplinary course which has theoretical concept from Social science, keeping social value and care the social principles. Thus, Social work education focuses on holistic and integrated method of practice rather than reductionist approach.
    Social work education is an program or study which attempt towards the building up of knowledge base which is necessary for the practice ,learning and refinement of skills and imbibing necessary ethical value base (through various exposure; supervision and constant reflection process). Therefore, social work education can play a critical role in shaping up the overall outlook of an individual; preparing the self as an agent for social change.
    In BSW study/ program, field work is an important part of social work course. The students are expected to undergo minimum of 10 hours per week in practical field work. The students are evaluated on the basis of their attendance, application of professional skills and their attitude in the field and reflection.In field work students are supervised by supervisors which are selected from institutes and agency. Besides this, BSW course in Nepal work to furnish the students with Report Writing, Individual Conference, Group Conference, Neighborhood Camp, Rural Camp, Urban Camp, Block Placement and so on for their field visit and self personality development.
    Differences between BBA/BI, BBA, BBS, BCIS, BCA, BSW is that BBA/BI is a course with the combination of extra banking and insurance subject along with business administration program, where BBA is a pure business administration program with semester wise session, also BBS is the study of management and commerce where finance and accounting of business sector and marketing techniques are taken as major but BCIS is the study of computer information systems which is purely a computer course contains a career in computing field and BCA attempt for the computer application study along with management courses, despite of all these faculties BSW is a study of social science and value of social work which works to develop a person’s attitude and way of seeing the world and their working style and helps to change the behavior into leading personality among the society and citizens.
    Similarity between BBA/BI, BBA, BBS, BCIS, BCA, BSW is that every faculty relates with the study of managing and directing in their respective fields. All the mentioned courses are directly or indirectly are connected with management sector or we can say business and financial sectors where BSW is a different program from these other subjects. Students having +2 degree in Science or Management can study all these subject(students are eligible to study BBA/BI, BBA, BBS, BCIS, BCA, BSW having +2 degree in science or management).