Scope of Engineering Course

The most common choice made by the science students after completing class 12  is to pursue their Career in the field of engineering. There are many options that the field of engineering offers. There are many branches in engineering course like mechanical, civil, computer science, etc. With liberalization of the economy in the recent years and opening of new companies and sectors, an engineering graduate has multitude options to start his career. Infrastructure development and government policies are the reasons for the overall development of all branches in engineering course.

Scope of engineering Course in 2019

According to sources there are around 3500 undergraduate colleges with 1.5 million seats, and 2300 Post Graduate colleges offering around 2 lakh seats. According to a recent survey made, there is a declining trend in the Number of student intake by the colleges as well as the enrollments made from past 4-5 years. According to AICTE, around 200 engineering colleges have applied for the closure. Following the declining trend in number of enrollments made it is expected that, number of enrollments made will be decreased by 75000-80000 seats in this year. There is no need to be horrified with these data, as many top colleges and IITs’ have increased the number of student intake.

With the whole world becoming technologically oriented, the increasing demand for IT professionals is justifiable as it is one of the well-paid sectors. As IT being the core of all technologies the demand for the IT professionals will not go down. On other hand students studying computer science also have greater career options in the fields of computer programming, coding, management etc. The annual salary ranges from 3.5 to 5 lakhs per annum. IT professionals and computer engineers are recruited by companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, TCS, Infosys, Oracle and so on.

We complain our world has become a concrete jungle with Flyovers-Underpasses, Buildings and Dams. But if we look at this situation in another prospective, rapid growth in infrastructure is creating demand for civil engineers and Architects. Architects are usually the designers of the structures and civil engineers are the one who look after the construction of it in a scientific manner. Builders, Road Contractors as well as the government companies employ civil engineers.

The ECE branch of engineering can be exciting for those candidates who are very much interested in electrical circuits, signs and signal systems, digital gadgets, power electronics etc. Though some argue that the pay for the Electronic Engineers is not justifiable but by getting placed in a good global company, one can earn at par as the engineers from other fields earn.

There is a great scope of mechanical engineering now-a-days. Mechanical engineers are required to design, test, manufacture, install, operate and maintain a wide array of machines and mechanical systems that are used in industries. The advancement in the field of science given birth to various other fields like Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Aeronautical, Aerospace etc. which is creating demand for more engineers as the present number of engineers with each passing day. Undoubtedly, one will get a very good pay in these fields at least in the near future where one will face minimal competition.

Engineering is a field of two extremes either one earns a lot or on the other hand engineers are left either employed or under employed. To get placed in a good company and to receive a good pay, one will have to get graduated from good colleges it is not like that the one getting graduated from regular colleges will be unemployed or won’t get good pay, but surely he will have to work hard and prove himself. There are many vacancies and number of applicants is higher than that. The number of engineers getting employed is increasing year after year, and on other side many are jobless. It does not imply that there is no scope for engineering, but the trend teaches us that one will have to stand unique, talented and be a hard worker amongst the crowd to prove his worth.