About us

Who are we?

Well, we are a group of students, few education experts and IT graduates who are taking few hours daily from our studies and works to contribute towards the betterment of Nepali education system. The whole Idea of creating this platform is to increase communication among different students with different education and background while helping them to get all sort of information and resources from the platform as well. Our management team consists of mostly secondary and bachelors level students with few experts to advise and guide us. After launching StudentsNepal, all the students who register are part of our team.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to add value to the education system and help students of all levels and subjects of Nepal with mutual co-ordination with them. The helps are in form of delivering latest information, consulting, helping to get jobs and bridging the gaps between students and institutions to name a few.

What we do?

– the academic team of writers write on various topics and trending issues to deliver most relevant answers to the potential queries regarding courses, scholarships and latest developments in education system.

– IT staffs check the website regularly to minimize any downtime and technical issues to create hassle free surfing for students.

– our experts advise writers and technicians on which direction to move.