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  • Do Indians get a job after MBA from England?

    Posted by sai charan on November 19, 2021 at 6:47 am

    Indians get plenty of job opportunities after an MBA in the UK.

    Despite it being harder to obtain a work VISA for EU and non-EU internationals, B-Schools in the UK continue to welcome high-achieving international students in search of talent and skill. The Brexit process was completed last year, and the UK economy has bounced back from the COVID-19 pandemic far quicker than expected. Employers want candidates to possess skills such as adaptability, self-motivation, efficiency, and other interpersonal skills. B-schools are perfect for such a setting, as they ensure these skills are well inculcated in their students before jobs.

    It is no secret that the pandemic has impacted the hospitality, entertainment, and retail sectors but things are starting to look up, with global vaccination rates rising and covid-19 protocols set in place.

    The UK is known for Finance, with traditional institutions like Goldman and JP Morgan being the go-to companies for banking roles. Financial technology is another strong point in the UK, particularly with the increase in contactless payments and trading. E-commerce and Marketing have been steady sectors in the UK, and are always good options to go for. The pandemic has impacted consumer behavior in new and different ways, which presents tons of marketing opportunities in the companies that come to recruit at these b-schools. Apart from this, the tech and IT sectors are strong in the UK, with various management roles staying in demand throughout the years.

    The UK government extended the post-study work visa up to 2 years before the pandemic struck, and it has remained the case even now. With a points system set in place for VISA, business graduates are well-positioned to stand out and get employed.

    As a general state of things, consulting roles and roles related to finance are among the highest-paying jobs after an MBA.

    Some of the best prospects for Indians after an MBA in the UK include 1. Banker

    2. Investment Banker

    3. Financial Analyst

    4. Consulting

    5. Marketing Manager

    6. Marketing Analyst

    7. HR Manager

    8. Operations Manager

    9. IT Manager

    10. Media Manager

    To know more about an MBA in the UK, and some of the best B-Schools in the UK, click here!

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