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  • Jessica Ellen

    February 21, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Photo-journalism in Nepal
    Photojournalism is the practice of creating visual representation of newsworthy event with several dynamic photographs. Traditional journalism typically involves paintings or image of newsworthy situations with words. Many times, the newsworthy stories in words only cannot help readers to know the exact situation of the news happened, while pictures itself tells a story about he situation an the events which helps readers to understand the news correctly.
    The photographs that are taken by the photojournalists are not easy to shoot. Taking photographs of just objects and people is not so worthy as photojournalists ry to gt shots tat re extremely difficult, unusual or possible even dangerous or risky. Photojournalists usually take pictures of newsworthy vets as they are happening and hes pictures are often supposed to make the view feel intense emotions. For example, Photojournalists may take pictures of Tornado during disaster process.
    Different news media publications usually use the photographs used by photojournalists, including magazines, newspaper and websites. Some photojournalists’ might even be compiled into commemortie book.
    A formal education is not always sufficient n order to pursue a photojournalism career. However, photojournalism career can giv mot aspiring photojournalists the skill that they need to jump start their careers. Many schools, colleges started offering the programs of photojournalism courses likewise writing and journalism ethics. Students who are eagerly interested in shooting creative pictures can start to get photojournalism courses
    In Nepal, as the rapid expansion of mass media, communication, various public communication day by day there is no doubt that photojournalism has a great respective scope. As many students are giving interest in journalism, many colleges, institute had started offering journalism courses and it is not so much costly to graduate as it cost about NRS. 3000000 to NRS. 400000 for four year course and today’s generations are crazy about news and media sources.