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  • Jessica Ellen

    February 21, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    MBBS and Engineering preparation in Nepal
    Medical and engineering sectors are taken to be reputed sectors in our country by most of the people because its a sector that intellects choose to work on. These sectors are not only reputed for intelligence but also carries a huge responsibility to impact life of the people directly. Thus, engineering and MBBS sectors are widely favored sectors of people.
    MBBS and Engineering are no joke fields. They carry huge responsibilities. One deals with the human body itself and the other, Engineering, deals with almost every infrastructure required for the comfort of this human body. These fields are the fields of innovation and research. And the qualities like innovation and research are not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, to get into learning this also requires a tough competition because it requires high level of intelligence to learn it. Therefore, the parameters like taking entrance examinations are widely practiced to choose the capable among the available.
    There are many people but who are capable but don’t have the idea of how to deal with the entrance papers because we’ve the practice of having theoretical knowledge only but can’t deal much with the tick questions because we’ve been learning to solve into bulky answers but fail to do the something in short time using short tricks. Therefore, in order to increase the efficiency of the students there are entrance preparing centers in different parts of the country. Among them, Kathmandu city and Butwal can be taken as prior cities for this purpose. Kathmandu city is already a center for education since decades but Butwal is a fast-growing city competing with Kathmandu in terms of quality education. Kathmandu city is the major center because many of the universities have central departments in Kathmnandu only. Therefore, it has been a centre for study whereas Butwal is the one which has been giving out quality candidates priory thus, to provide the natives with the almost similar kinds of educational opportunities for entrance preparing Butwal has been growing its status as centre for entrance preparation.
    Entrance preparations are run in a standard level not only for the native colleges and students but also for the international level too. Stuffs like SAT praparations are also done in Nepal. Thus, with some upgradings done there’s a good futuree for the students seeking for the good entrance preparing centres in Nepal.