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  • soveetz khanal

    January 12, 2016 at 6:52 am

    Mr manish,, for getting PR in canada must you must be sure you are eligible or not, there are many factors that depends to get PR in Canada. First of all there are two province first is Quebec and another is Federal, in case of quebec you must kno french but for federal you dnt need french. You need to have better english like your ielts score does matter very much. You need to score 7 in each band so your chances are high Next thing is your qualification like Technical subject like Engineering,Nursing,Doctor,accountant are entertained much. Other thing is you must have working experience of realted fields 3-5 yrs so if u match this all thing its not hard for you to get PR.
    P>S. getting PR directly from Nepal is lengthy process it will take1-3 yrs long. If you went for student visa then you will get PR soon.
    Thank you!