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  • Suraj Thapa

    January 11, 2016 at 7:25 am

    In Nepal, I think B.Sc in Microbiology will be a good option because if you want to set your career in Nepal then B.Sc in Microbiology can help you and also you can open your own lab by Studying B.Sc in Microbiology in Nepal. There are limited colleges in Kathmandu, Pokhara that offers these courses and also you can choose the best of them and before getting admission just check once that the college is T.U affiliated college. In Nepal there might Not be digital labs but the labs where you work on or do practicals they are sufficient to know about the organisms or you can say micro-organisms.
    And yeah, B.Sc in Physics is also not a bad option but it depends on you that how you take the physics subject. Many students feel hard to study physics but it is also a interesting subjects if you enjoy understanding the manufacture of universe. In Nepal, after studying physics in Bachelors level, students themselves think that there is not any other opportunities rather then being a teacher in any universities, colleges or schools but the truth is that after studying physics subject people can do many thing like inventing new technology, roborts etc but we Nepalese don’t have sufficient money and also instruments to invent such things which is available in foreign countries and also the inventions are not respected a if we give our best to do something so there is no alternative option to choose rather then being a teacher in Nepal so it would be better if you study Microbiology in Nepal if you are not willing to go abroad.
    Thank you for your post and also if you are not satisfied with this reply then you can add more topics so just feel free to ask us. Thank you Chetan Gaire..