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  • Suhani Kunwar

    June 1, 2016 at 11:45 am

    Rural Development is the study of the theories, approaches, and designs aimed at developing the rural areas in Nepal. The main focus of this course program is the development of the rural areas. Nepal is a developing country so most of the country has the rural lifestyle of living. This course programme is aimed at developing the rural areas by applying the rural development theories and approaches with the analysis and the surveying methods and providing awareness programmes as well. Rural Development studies deals with every aspect of the rural areas including the housing, the development and availability of the necessary developmental infrastructures, the agricultural pattern, the use of the rural resources, the ways to optimise the access of the rural resources on people, the condition of the rural economy and the economic sources, the methods to increase the economic ability of the rural people,the study of the rural credit and finance pattern, attracting the finance companies to invest in the rural areas, proper and the contextual use of the rural circumstances to uplift the rural life and make it even more standard lifestyle, management of the conflicts of the rural areas and so much more.

    Rural Development not only aims at direct involvement in the rural development but also centralises the necessary concern of the concerned authorities in the respective rural areas. They work for the all-round development of the rural areas. They are required to communicate with the rural people and bring out the actual rural problems and provide the necessary information to the concerned authorities for the further future processes. So, rural development is a very much contextual nd essential study program in the context of Nepal.

    The education system of Nepal has the provisions of the Intermediate level to Masters level studies in the Rural Development.The stream that has the provisions of Rural Development studies is the Faculty of Humanities. The basic level knowledge on the rural theories is provided in the rural development subject in Intermediate level whereas it becomes an alternative major into the Bachelors level and an independent Masters level studies in the Masters level. For studying the rural development in the Bachelor level you need to pass the intermediate from any discipline and for getting into the masters level program in the rural Development studies too, you need to pass the Bachelors Level studies in any discipline.